October 24, 2017

Some poetry for the soul…

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Some of my favorite poetry books, new and old. I have such a long list, but this time I’m just sharing those that are mostly new and have kept me sane as of lately. I keep going back to these and they still make me feel so much. This is all mostly poetry, but let me know if you would like to see more posts with what I’m reading or my favorite reads.

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I Wrote This For You – Iain S. Thomas
One of the first books I purchased since I moved to New York. It is made of very short poems, but they are so good on their own. Each page has a 2-5 line poem that with so much meaning. Each communicates more than a thousand words and are so incredibly powerful and effortlessly put together. The book is more about love/relationship but I honestly think it can be seen it as self-love, or directed to family. It depends on what you are going through or how you understand it.Photo Oct 24, 12 36 12 PM

Bone – Yrsa Daley Ward
My sister gifted me this one, and god she does know me so well. I’ve been hooked with every single poem in this book. It is so relatable and it touches almost every relevant subject out there: gender identity, sexuality, misogyny, depression, family relationships, healing and many more. It is definitely not a happy read, but if you are looking for something to get in touch with yourself this book is amazing.

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The Princess Saves Herself in this one – Amanda Lovelace
This book has four different parts and they all address different stages of life. I mostly felt this spoke to me in so many levels. It touches the subjects of the importance of self love, being strong despise society standards and external pressure we all go through. It might seem easy to read but it is too meaningful.

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The Sun and Her flowers – Rupi Kaur
This is one of my favorites. Well Rupi Kaur is one of my favorites (probably every person’s fav). I went through a rough time a few weeks ago and this has helped me so much. Whether it be a heartbreak, meeting someone new, or just trying to accept yourself and love your body, this book will help you through it to stay positive.Photo Oct 24, 11 30 59 AM

The book of Disquiet – Fernando Pessoa
Written by a genius going through depression, this book is more like an existentialist thought provoking essay/ personal diary. I got addicted to it because its filled with brilliant reflections about life written in a ironic voice. I actually had to read it in small doses because every page was so strong and blew my mind. It genuinely changed my life somehow.Photo Oct 24, 11 35 15 AM


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