August 7, 2017

Finding balance and peace

Photo Apr 04, 7 13 12 PM

Lately, I feel a heavy need for balance and peace of mind. Perhaps its the age, the immediacy of the crazy fast times we are living in. So the balance I try to find comes from clearing my mind and slowing down. I try to find a spaces where I can be at peace, where I can relax, unwind and be silent. It is something that everyone should consider, as now more than ever we are expected to be connected to an infinite world of high-speed information, at all times. For someone like me, whenever I feel I’m stuck or uninspired, due to emotional or psychological saturation I try to find those moments of release on the little things that surround me. Whether it is listening to a record at home in Brooklyn when I am over-saturated of work, emails and phone calls. Looking for a major break from meetings in the city by stopping at Central Park and taking a moment to be with myself… even people watching or drooling at dogs in the park can help.


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That being said, I don’t go into heavy routines or diets, or different lifestyles that require a higher level of commitment and sacrifice. And not because I have anything against it, but because I never felt it was the right thing for me. That’s when I realized that there is no right track to a healthier life, and that everything counts towards that goal if you try it and let it help you. From trying it all, you can then find what suits you best. Now, whenever I travel, I always take advantage of the treatments they offer at the properties I am staying. I  used to ignore those back when I was younger and thought they didn’t make a difference. Well let me tell you they do. Particularly because you are somewhere different on the planet and a treatment somewhere far away from home will impact your mind differently… it is a retreat and a way to take care of your own self, without those tangible things that surrounds us on our every day life. Also, the spa at UNICO 20°87° (where these pictures were taken) had some of the coolest treatments for both mind and body, all with natural ingredients. Even the space in itself offered a moment of retreat and pleasant relaxation which helped me so much.

Photo Apr 04, 7 13 54 PM   IMG_1643     IMG_1633IMG_1619IMG_1670IMG_1608IMG_1653IMG_1573   IMG_1591     IMG_1606

So if you are looking for peace of mind, I would definitely consider stepping back and stop taking for granted those little things that can help. The best way to hear what your body needs is to take a moment for yourself, and be with yourself. My mom used to tell me this and oh boy it took me so long to realize she was so right. Its good to put those stressful things aside even if it means working less or doing less of what society asks you to, but if you need it then welcome it. You are the only one that can take care of yourself 🙂


Shot by: Christina Shields

Location: Spa at UNICO 20°87° Hotel, Riviera Maya. 




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