February 6, 2018

Travel Toiletry- What I take with me

We all have to pack at some point, whether it be a weekend to go to a friend’s house, visit the family or vacation. Some might love it, some not so much but in my case I have a love-hate relationship. If there is something I love putting together, it is my toiletry bag with all my skincare and hygiene essentials. Since I visit my boyfriend at his apartment during the weekends, and have been traveling on trips constantly, I thought I’d share what I always bring with me.
One of the things that we always pack is toothpaste. Honestly I used to get any brand and type, but then I tried the new Crest Gum Detoxify toothpaste and I can totally feel a difference. It launched this January and I’ve been hooked because I used to have very weak gums and this has been helping so much… the thing is, it is specially formulated with Activated Foam technology that reaches below the gum line and significantly improves gum health._88A8395g
I also always bring a makeup remover, tinted moisturizer (because sometimes I don’t want to wear makeup), travel sized scents, a hair thermal protector, a hair oil, a lip balm, moisturizer, night mask and a lip scrub. It’s all the basics and essentials and each have its own purpose. Of course I bring another bag with all my makeup and a hair brush.
Hope you guys liked this post, let me know if you would like to see more checklists, perhaps one with clothing I pack? Let me know!


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