February 12, 2018

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Monday gloomy morning, my kind of favorite way to start the week. Sharing this outfit I wore yesterday. It rained all day so I was into doubling in leather because rainy days make me want to wear more black than the usual, if that is even possible.



I’ve been shopping for more vintage as of lately since I’ve been quite inspired to be honest. Lots of brands are making cool stuff, but its funny that all I see is vintage inspired pieces… so I thought why am I going to buy something off a website when I can find something similar, if not better on my local vintage shop. I wore these Gia pants which are new but also very 90s, and paired them with vintage head to toe. Lace up crop tops with sheer velvet involved, shearling jackets, platform booties and lots of leather. That’s where my head its at. I’m actually investing mostly in pants, since vintage ones hardly fit perfectly, and then vintage shopping for the rest. Some things I keep in mind when vintage shopping:

1. The trick is in the textures and details. Second hand pieces are mostly from a time when fast fashion was definitely less common, so you will mostly find quality things even if its a $2 bargain or a $200 vintage piece (some vintage stores are quite pricey). Be very appreciative when you go vintage shopping and pay attention to those beautiful pieces you won’t find anywhere! This top for example is so common in vintage stores from most likely early 2000s but it can look so good when paired right.

2. Every time I’ve been vintage shopping I go with a small list of elements I’m trying to find, such as “shearling”, “stripes”, “checkered coats”, and so on. Sometimes I get lucky and find everything (I actually got this shearling jacket a few days back), sometimes I just find similar elements that most likely work. But you definitely have to come up with some sort of list so you can go focused and not just wander around thinking nothing is worth it. Trust me whenever that happens to me, I regret I didn’t get something I saw because I was just not motivated to buy it back then!

3. Be open to modifying… always. Since you are spending way less on a piece, you can definitely feel more comfortable by altering the piece yourself, with the help of scissors or if you are more cautious take it to a tailor. But I definitely feel more free when it comes to something I barely spent money on! I got this top for $10, and cut it right away (it wasn’t cropped in the first place)… so I turned it into something more current to what I would wear. Although I wouldn’t mind going back to low rise flares and wear some sort of 70s goth inspired look. But anyways, my point is, whenever you hold a piece and try to make up your mind, always be open to modifying. I mostly crop every top I get, or cut pants or even skirts!

Any way, I didn’t want to make this post too long, so there you go. Hope you guys enjoyed these tips! let me know if you would like me to make a video out of it? There’s so many more things I would love to share!




Jacket – Vintage / similar here – more shearling jackets here

Top – Vintage

Pants – I Am Gia

Sunnies –¬† Quay – get them here

Shoes Рvintage / more platform booties here


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