April 26, 2018

Last days in my Brooklyn apartment.

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Sharing some last pictures we took on my older apartment! I wanted to document my previous office space for you guys to see what it looked like and for me to remember when I decorate my new space haha. I plan to do something very similar but will definitely change some elements. For those who don’t know, I moved from Brooklyn to the East Village, so I am re decorating/ organizing my new place! This time I will have my office and closet merged together so you will see this corner with some clothes as well! I am so excited. I am taking this industrial table for sure, but still have to figure out how I will put everything together. Any ideas are much appreciated! I want it to have the same vintage aesthetic, but make it a little bit more peaceful? Since racks of clothes will be around it I don’t want it to feel to cluttered.

Anyways this outfit is possibly one of my favorites ever. As you know I’m obsessed with tartan pants, but what I love more is finding different ways to combine them! I went for a simple top and some matching socks for a casual comfy lazy day at home look.



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