July 9, 2015

Black & Gold.


It takes a while to finally settle and find the elements to make a place your own. I moved 6 months ago with my boyfriend and it’s been a journey to get my place together. The apartment was empty and we barely had a few pieces of furniture to fill it up and little by little we have been putting it together. A vanity table is one of the most important things for me, where I spend every morning (or night for that matter) before heading out. I was lusting for a black one since forever but it took me a while to find the right one. The gold barroque mirror is vintage,  just like my old vanity when I live in Peru.


Toma tiempo armar tu espacio y encontrar los elementos para hacer tu hogar propio. Hace 6 meses me mude con mi chico a un depa nuevo pero vacio y ha sido toda una travesia encontrar las piezas para armarlo poco a poco. Hace poco decidi finalmente armar mi tocador ideal ya que es uno de los lugares mas importantes para mi, donde paso las mañanas (y noches claro) preparandome para salir. Siempre quise un tocador negro pero me tomo un buen tiempo encontrar el ideal. El espejo  dorado barroco es vintage, justo como el que tenia cuando vivia en Peru. Abajo pueden ver fotos de algunos detalles y varias cosas que he comprado ultimamente.


Some new bits I’ve been getting lately


Peonies make everything better.

Tiny silver rings are so good for layering. Love the one that says “mermaid” on it, its from Dixi. The double cube ring is from Ona Chan.

Mantra ring by Ona Chan

My favorite scents as of lately and brushes from Zoeva.

Tiny handmade pieces from #203.  Literally can’t stop staring at the details.

A little obsessed with gold, black and a bit of pastel pink. And yes, I like to add little things to the walls.

This ear jacket piece looks like heaven to me, from Rue Gembon

Hope you guys have a lovely evening.

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