July 22, 2018


And here it is! the final closet reveal. I recently moved from a tiny Brooklyn apartment to a more spacious one so one of the main goals for me was to get an extra room to turn it into a walk-in closet/work space. It can be challenging to organize an entire closet but it is so important for me to stay inspired.
Since my clothes, shoes and bag variety is quite hectic and eclectic I wanted to keep the design simple and minimal. I called on California Closet and along with their design consultant, Megan Bubalo, and interior designer Gracia Nano we worked closely to optimize the entire room and organize all my stuff.

I wanted large hanging areas to have space for all my dresses. I keep mini dresses and maxi dresses together. Then I keep shorter items such as jackets and blouses on different areas. Its funny that most of my leather jackets and blouses are vintage.
For pants I keep my jeans and regular pants separated. I like to hang up my jeans, two on each hanger to be more specific, because they are quite bulky and take up too much space when folded.
For my almost ridiculous pant collection, I prefer to keep these folded in shelves. I feel pants are better folded because they are so much thinner and since most of them are very different I can distinguish between prints and colors and just pick them right away by just seeing them.
One of my all time dreams was to have an entire shoe wall instead of having my shoes spread all over the place and oh man it is so much easier to get dressed now haha. Can’t believe I can see all my shoes at the same time, I used to have them in different areas all over my apartment!
Finally for the office area, I brought my beloved industrial desk I’ve had for ages from my old apartment and added some typical office elements.
I don’t know if you guys remember but I used to place my glasses on hangers… I eventually realized they kept falling so this time I dedicated an entire dresser to put all my current favorite glasses together on a marble tray from Kendra Scott. I just keep the rest stored until I decide to switch them up. My rings are all in a vase since I honestly just pair the ones I can find, and all my necklaces are neatly laid on a black tray so I can properly distinguish (they pop out much more) and pick the one I want to wear.
For the decor, I added my personal touch with vintage & antique looking elements. The ottoman is my favorite and I got it million ages ago from Urbban Outfitters and the chandelier (from Joss and Main) adds a very glamorous yet vintage touch which I love. The black and white frames are photos taken by my boyfriend and I also keep some candles for when I’m working late.
I tried to get as many photos for you guys to check out each detail of my dressing room so I hope you enjoy this post and find it helpful 🙂


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