April 6, 2016

Bedroom Diaries


Decided to snap some pictures of my favorite place to show you guys what it looks like at the moment.


What my bedroom looks like when you come in. I took it standing in the door. Nothing better than a velvet dusty pink ottoman that makes you feel like a princess.


Same old …and it works so well every time.

Photo Apr 03, 6 33 16 PM

Magical light coming through the window every morning.


Poetry and coffee. The cure for everything.


My vanity is also my desk sometimes. So happy its big enough 🙂


Some good old books of some favorite authors. Lovecraft, Kafka and Ciro Alegria to name a few.


From one of the books. I love this part. Its from Suicide by Edouard Leve.


These cute pillowcaseses from Art Markit are reversible, in the back you can see the same drawing but it says “This is Also Me”. Seeing that lil bird every night and waking up to it gives me life and makes me giggle.


Some pins and pendants. I have a fixation with collecting these even though I don’t wear them as much. Wish I had a bigger box to store them all.


Some of my favorite sunglasses as of lately. Top three are from Perverse, and the last ones are some cheap I found online.


I got a lamp for reading purposes and when I do my make up to go out late in the night. Double win.


Oh yes, the Diptyque candles.If they didn’t make a hole in my pocket tho… But I got these two little babies as presents so its all good. I haven’t tried them yet to be honest.


Vintage little painting on top of my bed. I found this trinket on a flea market and fell in love with the details and the fact that someone talented made this centuries ago.


My room when its kinda messy.


An not so old polaroid I found. My boyfriend took it. He tends to write the date and time, I think its cute.


If you noticed, we have a lot of music posters. I love being surrounded by bands that inspire me.


His corner. He loves cats and Mars Volta. I love cats and Mars Volta. We’re happy 🙂


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