July 29, 2020



Leopard maxi and a black top, a classic. I was wearing a super short tank and a lace bralette underneath if you can tell. always pair leopard and black or a neutral! It never gets old. Sometimes I would go for a dark burgundy too. This vintage maxi is a bit loose on the bottom but is high waisted, so its not the typical leopard slip skirt that we see everywhere (it has more of a boho vibe). I think I bought it 5 years ago? I paired it with some doc sandals to go run errands that day.


Got this vintage green maxi and it was love at first sight. I love love the shade! I had to go for a strapless because I wanted this particular silhouette. I think its cute with a high bun and some vintage shades. I was wearing some oxford docs and socks to add a more high school vibe lol, rather than keeping it too boho. Just needed a brown messenger bag and I would’ve gone to a literature class (did you know I studied literature? im not a poser haha). This day was particularly too hot so this outfit was perfect for 100 degree weather.


Oh my god I forgot how much I loved layering lace! I paired this blue vintage maxi with some lace and tied it up on the waist. The fabric of the skirt is a bit slinky (not a fan) and the silhouette is more tight but I still love it because of the shade and of the side slit. Love how the boot shows when you walk. I don’t normally pair my maxis with white but the black rosary and black boots def adds a black touch to the outfit so it kinda worked out for me.


Simple and super comfy. This is literally the comfiest shit ever guys I swear!! Whenever I don’t know what to wear and wanna run errands and be comfy, I throw on my biggest dress and put a belt on it. It just works. Since the dress is very baggy even on the shoulders and armholes I wore a tight baby tee underneath to add an illusion of tightness to the whole outfit if that makes sense. In winter I might wear it with turtlenecks and a biker jacket and even heels 🙂





This could easily be my favorite of them all. I bought this skirt out of being impulsive. I literally just saw it and was already paying on the cashier and added it to my cart. Honestly best decision ever. I had no idea it would fit so perfectly. Its actually very stiff but it fits so it works lol. Since its super long I thought a baby tee would be cute for a 90s vibe and some docs. I know I said I dont wear maxis with white but I might be changing guys. Didn’t think it would look good but since the print is a bit brown it doesn’t look too matchy matchy, it just looks like I just threw an old white tee on?

Anyways hope you guys enjoyed this post!!! will do more of these soon!

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