March 27, 2013

A glimpse of my room

 photo luaparttwo-41.jpg
 photo luaparttwo-37.jpg
 photo luaparttwo-51.jpg
 photo luaparttwo-43.jpg
 photo luaparttwo-451.jpg
 photo luaparttwo-52copy.jpg
 photo luaparttwo-38.jpg
 photo luaparttwo-39.jpg
 photo luaparttwo-40.jpg

 photo luaparttwo-501.jpg
 photo luaparttwo-42.jpg
 photo luaparttwo2-8.jpg
 photo luaparttwo2-1.jpg
 photo luaparttwo2-9.jpg

Photos by Emma

Just a glimpse of my bedroom. I am so happy I can finally share this with you! I’ve been wanting to take pictures but never find the right moment.. so the other day that I met with my friend Emma, who is an awesome photographer, I asked her if she could take a couple of pictures of my room! I actually thought I wouldn’t be in the photos, I was comfy at home in my socks 🙂 Anyways, I am absolutely thrilled with her work, she manages to capture the right things and her pictures always turn beautiful. I actually shot some outfits with her so you will see those soon too! You can check her awesome work in her blog.
Some of the posters and postcards you see are vintage.. I love to collect vintage photos and things that could be hanged in my wall 🙂

Anyways, I hope you enjoy them! I always say this but theres seriously so many outfit posts coming so stay tuned.


Al fin puedo mostrarles un poco de mi cuarto! Hace tiempo que queria tomar fotos pero no encontraba el momento. El otro dia que me junte con mi amiga Emma, que es fotografa, le pregunte si podia tomar un par de fotos para mostarles. Me encanta como quedaron, definitivamente logro capturar detalles que me representan mucho. En realidad no pense que saldria en las fotos asi que me ven super comoda en medias 🙂  Si quieren ver mas de su fotografia chequeen su blog.

Algunos de los posters y postales que ven son vintage, me encanta coleccionar detalles para pegar en las paredes como veran.

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