AS by DF Jacket Giveaway (worldwide!)
September 13th, 2013

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This time I teamed up with AS by DF to giveaway this awesome jacket to one of you! I thought it was an awesome opportunity since I love this jacket to bits and its perfect for your fall wardrobe. Anyone from around the globe can enter!!

You only have to:
1. Like Le Happy on Facebook
2. Like ASbyDF on Facebook
3. Comment below using the email you use on FB (it won’t show!)

Good luck everyone. Giveaway ends September 25th.
Ps: Miss Kl giveaway winner will be announced soon, Im just waiting for them to draw the winner :)

Esta vez me uni con AS by DF para darles la oportunidad de ganar esta casaca perfecta para otoño/invierno. Cualquiera puede participar es abierto mundialmente. Solo tienen que:
1. Darle Like a Le Happy en Facebook
2. Darle like a ASbyDF en Facebook
3. Comentar abajo usando el email que usan en FB (no se va a ver, solo escribanlo en la parte donde se pone el mail)

Suerte a toda/os. El sorteo termina el 25 de Setiembre.
PD: Pronto posteare el ganador del sorteo de MISS KL, solo estoy esperado que ellos lo anuncien :)


Romwe topAS by DF jacket

1,183 thoughts on “AS by DF Jacket Giveaway (worldwide!)

    1. Christina

      The jacket is beautiful! Wow I think it’s very gracious of you to be having this give away. Most of the time people just want something. It’s refreshing to see someone being unselfish. Good luck to everyone!

    2. Patricia

      So if you mean worldwide, does that mean that you can send it to germany?? I would love to have this jacket!! *^*

    3. Vino


    1. Vino


  1. Mei Sann

    Hi, I’m Malaysian !!
    Awwww !! This jacket is so gorgeous <3
    Been searching this kind of jacket for a while !!
    Hope to win <3

    And love you too!! You're one of my favorite blogger !!

  2. Regina

    It totally fits my style, I’d like to wear it for my darker outfits. Thanks for the opportunity. Good luck to everyone!

  3. Qisha

    This jacket is awesome! Love the simplicity, the detailing on the shoulders and the red lining. Reminds me of Louboutin’s (:

  4. Iveta

    I love this jacket! And I love Luana too! She has such an nice style! I already was liking Asbydf and Le Happy so I’m just commenting :3

  5. Elisabetta

    I love leather jackets so much, and this is so AWESOME! I hope I’ll be the lucky person to get this jacket because I was looking forward to get one soon :D
    And Lua, you’re my favourite fashion blogger!!

  6. Atheer

    OMG that jacket so awesome !! I’m in love ,, and it fits amazing on you !! You’re a great model and I really love your style ! I wish I have all the clothes you wore and your amazing awesome hair !!!!!!!! <3
    I pray to win this giveaway !!!

  7. Jasmine Cooke

    It’s my birthday on the 28th, this would be the most perfect present.

    You also have the hair of my dreams <3

  8. Tian Huey

    This jacket is so amazing! Recently been having a craving for a badass leather jacket and this is THE ONE <3 I'm in love…

  9. Johanna Brunner

    25th is my 18th Birthday! I’d love to get this perfect jacket :) it’s perfection explained to women in one hell of a leather jacket! So in love! To all the man out there, you don’t understand! I need this jacket!

  10. Claudia Morrison

    such an amazing jacket! and it is obviously so so good looking at (us) redheads ;>
    ..I doubt it i’d win on Friday the 13th! but it doesn’t hurt to try ;p
    greetings from Poland :)

  11. Kate

    Love this jacket!! It’s beautiful and gorgeous! Want so badly! Can’t stop looking at it :D <3 love you're Style too, always inspires by outfits!

  12. Dasha

    This is really beautiful and cool jacket!Hope to win this pretty)
    Facebook:Dasha Bulgakova

  13. Laura

    This jacket looks so amazing~ It will definitely go well with my clothes! I always loved your outfits there so inspiring. =)

  14. June

    OMFG I love the hell outta this leather jacket. It would be perfect if I could win this! I always love those dark colours and black have been my favorite colour ever since I was 9!! Been searching for a perfect jacket like this since forever!!!! I live in Malaysia so its very hard to find one like this !!it would be bloody perfect if I style this with my creepers!!! I would love this and the fact that leather jacket never go out of style so I would wear this forever!!!!! Please!!

  15. Beatriz Lopes

    omg your style is what i want my style to be but i cant buy online clothes online and i cant find anything in the stores that isnt that expensive that i like. kysses, from Portugal

  16. Julia

    great look! I love how you always combine leather jackets! they give every look something special!
    love your style
    greets from Germany

  17. Marianna

    I’d love to win :) That’s just what i’m looking for, but it’s difficult to find something like that in my country… whatever will be i’ll alwaysbe very grateful to you for showing us you’r georgeus style :)!! keep being our heroin!

  18. Gustavo

    Me encanta Luanna, perfecta combinación que hizo con ASbyDF, les deseo suerte a todas/os, espero ganar, hehehe.

  19. Isabel

    Argh I would give something like my left arm for this jacket! It is completely immaculate! You’re either ridiculously generous or you have two of these…

  20. Alice

    I love this jacket! :) you really do have amazing and impeccable style :3 everything you wear looks so well put together and yet so effortless! it makes me feel so jealous!

  21. Mari Bayona

    Necesito una chaqueta como esta! No suelo participar porque gané hace meses un giveaway de choies pero no he podido resistirme… esque no tengo ninguna de este estilo :( gracias por organizar giveaways tan impresionantes <3

  22. AiraG

    Perfect jacket! Im from New Zealand so ty for making this global.
    But even if i dont win, been wanting to say thank you for the blog, its helped me define my own style.

  23. Penny Lane Marie

    Lua!!!! Please pick me! I have never owned a real leather jacket and have a hard time finding vintage ones (vegetarian, try to be ethical), but I emulate your style all the time and am in great need of a leather jacket! Please please pleease pick me!!



  24. Solzimer

    please, please, please, let me…get what i want, looooord knows it would be the first time (ninoninonino)

    (and you rock the look with grace)

  25. Berta

    Omg!! Es perfecta a mi que me encantn las chaquetas largas y todas las de cuero o polipiel que encuentro son cortas!! Muero por tenerla!!

  26. María García

    ¡Amé los detalles! ¡Y ni digo el conjunto en su totalidad! (Haré una cuasi-copia de él)
    ¡Gracias por la oportunidad y la inspiración!

  27. Kristin Gormley

    This jacket is exactly what I’ve been looking for! LOVE IT! especially the detailing on the shoulders!!! A MUST HAVE!!!!!

  28. Chio Nadie

    Por favor Lua!!!! quiero esa chaqueta!!!! jamás tendré el dinero para tener una así u,u . El outffit está genial, amo el vestido también :) Saludos!

  29. Eeag

    I think wearing that jacket would make me feel like a badass wizard… But that might just be because I’m rereading Harry Potter and I love leather.

  30. veelee

    dear luanna,
    since about 3 years im interessted in fashion (that means before i got interessted i dressed like a ……… i cant translate /describe it) and i know your blog since spring 2012 and i alywas missed the opportunity to join a compitionon like this! and then i saw your post on my facebook newsfeed and i was like aaaaaaaaaaaaaah i may have the chance to win a LETHER JACKET BY ASBYDF FROM LUANNA!!!
    and im just so exited and bla and aaaaaaaaaaah!!!
    please, please, please choose me :(

    here’s a song for you, i hope you’ll like it :)

    have a nice day ^__^

  31. Anna-Lena

    Oh my god, i was looking for a jacket just like this all the time. most leather jackets i like have silber zippers but these are gold- gorgeous ! :) would love to win!

  32. cheryl

    Love this jacket to bits! It’s so hard to find such jackets here in Singapore, been looking all over for one! Hope that I’ll win this!
    Sending love from asia Singapore;

  33. Blackbird

    hot hot hot hot
    hot hot hot hot hot
    hot hot hot hot hot
    hot hot hot hot hot hot
    hot hot hot hot hot
    hothothot hothothothothot hot hot

  34. Carlottaloth

    I love giveaways!!!…and the jacket is cool! but when you use anykind of clothes with style with make a real difference…

  35. Vanessa

    Hello, I’m from Germany and totally in love with this adorable Jacket, I didn’t found the perfect leather jacket in the past, but I think.. THIS IS IT! :-)

  36. Sahian

    Lua, primero que nada. Wow! La verdad eres maravillosa! Me encantan todos los outfits que creas para ti. La verdad has sido mi inspiración para vestirme como en verdad me gusta y me siento cómoda.
    Segundo, solo sigo instrucciones y dejo el comentario para participar en el concurso. Espero tener la oportunidad de ganarla! Es muy bella <3


  37. A.Jee

    Hey Lua!
    WOW I always wanted a leather jacket, its very nice on you, waaaaant it to be like you! LEHAPPY made me so HAPPY !haha
    A.Jee from Paris

  38. Megan

    Hey LUA. I absolutely love your blog and your style and your pictures. I think you’re really pretty and I love all your clothes! And the way you piece them together is just really nice. Thanks for being my daily source of inspiration. Scrolling through your lookbook makes me happy. thanks for the giveaway. xoxo. :)

  39. Beatriz Sousa

    I really appreciate your style luanna ! :) and I’m trying to get an own style, inspired by yours! and this partnership is helping me a lot, because, to complete my wardrobe, I need a jacket like this! they are very expensive to get one, so I hope to win! kisses to the team, from portugal !! :)

  40. Christina

    you’re so amazing and beautiful! keep making posts and thank you for teaming up for such an awesome give away!! =)

  41. awildurbancitizen

    U look stunning in every single outfit. U got a inspiring punk look. This jacket is an example of punk. I want it so badly!!!!!

  42. Nade

    It’s definitely one of the best leather jacket I’ve ever seen, so I’d really love to have it.
    Just hope it’s faux leather..
    In my opinion, you’re one of the greatest fashion blogger in US and in the world. Your style it’s superb. Really appreciate it!

  43. Amanda Tczap

    This Jacket and me were meant to be! Love your style, inspired me to start my own blog, have at least ten looks for this jacket already! Pretty Pretty please with a punk rock cherry on top!

  44. Rose

    This is a gorgeous jacket! Your style is superb. Also, do you have any suggestions about dying your hair for the first time?

  45. Beatriz Azocar

    Por muchísimo tiempo he admirado tu estilo, tus fotografías, tu estampa frente a la gente, al mundo.
    No suelo confiar mucho en los concursos :( . Pero en verdad me encantaría ganar, solo soy una chica en la capital de Chile que le encanta tu trabajo y en silencio te admira. Me encanto esta pieza, tiene bastante personalidad, bastante carácter, creo que quien la use tendría un seguridad que hara que la gente se voltee a mirarla. Espero ganar y poder así tener mas confianza y saber que todas podemos hacer voltear miradas. Besos. ( Lamento no escribirlo en ingles u.u)

  46. Sylvia

    amazed by your style, been a fan on lookbook and now figured out your is exquisite! finger crossed for the jacket !

  47. Anita

    wiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! This jacket is amazing! Lua you have an amazing style, I always try to get ideas from your outfits. Anita From italy

  48. Zoe

    Honestly Ily so much. I have my hair like yours and you’re just a massive inspiration to me tbh (‘: This jacket is beautiful just like you

  49. Anonymous

    Las chaquetas de cuero es una de mis prendas favoritas! A cada look, sea cual sea, le da un toque rockerito!
    Y esta chaqueta en especial, es genial!
    Buen finde y mucho amor Lua!

  50. Anaís Cobrasnake

    Las chaquetas de cuero es una de mis prendas favoritas! A cada look, sea cual sea, le da un toque rockerito!
    Y esta chaqueta en especial, es genial!
    Buen finde y mucho amor Lua!

  51. Anne Meijer

    That is the most amazing jacket! I would love to win that!
    I love your site Lua, never stop doing this please

  52. Karina Bo

    Esta casaca está espectacular! Por cierto Lua, tus looks son lo máximo! espero seguir viendo más :) saludos y suerte para todas.

  53. Mickylene Fraulein

    I am so in need of that lovely jacket! The last of my leather jacket I just ripped when I took it off too fast over my bracelets. :( Would be a perfect birthday gift to me. It’s on the 24th! The lines on the shoulders make it so unique, I sure hope I win <3 I would be the most happiest girl in the world!! :D
    Love your looks Lua!

  54. Marine

    Hey, really thanks to this giveaway, I’m crazy about this jacket , she is really beautiful!
    Thanks for all and good luck everybody :)

  55. Sabrina

    I am deeply in love with leather jackets and black ones are by far my favorite autum item <3 I love the way leather items make me feel, like I'm swiftly putting on my awesome protection shield, which makes me more confident, powerful and in control, giving me the punk-rock look I so adore… I hope to be the lucky one, at least this one time :D and by the way, I simply adore your style, you are truly unique and absolutely inspiring. Love from Romania! :*

  56. Anonymous

    Últimamente el echo de conseguir esta chaqueta es de lo poco que me hace feliz y tener esperanza.
    Sería todo un honor llevarla puesta.

  57. Nanouk

    Love this jacket! I really hope i’ll win :) also wanted to say you are an inspiration to me! keep on doing what you do :) xx

  58. Calli

    What a perfect fall piece. Everybody needs a little bad-assness to spice up the chilly weather. I’m from Utah, so jackets like this are beyond impossible to find . Make a girls dream come true!!
    Much love

  59. cathy

    OMG!!!!!! Finally after so long I have found the perfect leather jacket. :* It is just my style,its edgy but not too much .Basically you can wear anything under it and it will look amazing ;)). I WANT IT SO BADD!!!!! Anyway,thank you Luanna and AsbyDf for giving away such an awesome jacket!!:) Stay gorgeous as always!!.

  60. Lucinda Hobson

    This is literally my dream garment and I’d wear it every single day and take so many photos because I’d be the happiest doll on earth !! <3

  61. Ivan Ana Coralia

    I loveee so so so so so much this jacket! I wanted a leather jacket for such a loooong time and this one is more than perfect! I already thought of an outfit :D I want it sooo bad! And all the clothes from AS by DF are amazing! It would be awesome to have this store in Romania

  62. Shana L.

    Stunning! I love how beautifully this jacket drapes and all of the zipper details. The red liner gives it a pop of color. This would be perfect on chilly nights. Leather jackets like these are hard to find. I doubt I’ll win but it’s worth a shot, right?

  63. Alie

    Stumbled across your blog by accident and I must say you have awesome and such charismatic style.
    Also that jacket is just gorgeous, would love to be rockin it this fall!

  64. Sabine | FearlessFlowers

    Dear Lua,

    I just started up a fashionblog a couple of months ago. (:
    You are a great inspiration! ^^ As on Instagram I said I couldn’t find your giveaway (today)
    I was looking at your Facebook page. :) It’s a really cool giveaway!
    I already follow Le Happy, byt now I follow AS by DF as well!

    Keep it posted! I love your outfits! <3

    Kind regards,
    Sabine | FearlessFlowers

  65. Reyes

    I do really admire you Lua, you combine the best styles and you always get stunning looks. I hope you’ll continue colaborating with fashion brands, you deserve the best. Lots of luck with your blog and your future from sSpain!! Oh, and, of course, I love the jac ket!! I almost forget it haha you are a great inspiration <3

  66. ZixintheAwasome

    You are so inspirational! I”ve been following you for a really long time.
    And, I have been looking for a perfect leather jacket like forever, and i think i found it. Here it is. I want it!! ;D

  67. ZixinONG!!!

    I love you!!! This is the perfect leather jacket I’ve been looking for forever!! If I got seven of the dragon balls in my hand, this is what I’m going to ask for!! Love it love it

  68. Kenzie

    What really caught my attention from this jacket was the rich, vibrant red (: this jacket is perfect for fall. Fingers crossed!

  69. Gheorghiu Ioana

    I think this jacket is perfect,a must have for every girl/woman.
    I’m in love with all your clothes and I’ve been following you on facebook. :)
    It’d be a pleasure to win.
    Good luck all.

  70. Holly spence

    I’m a fashion and photography student from manchester and you are my biggest inspiration. For my unit 3 photography project I have based my work on you and your style! I love how individual you are and how much thought you put into your look. I also love how you share your look globally and how much you inspire people, you’re a great icon! Keep doing what youre doing!

  71. Freya

    I live in England and I follow Luanna religiously, I think I’ve liked all her photos on Instagram, her style is awesome, just like this jacket, hopefully I have a chance :’3 <3

  72. Neshii S

    SO cute.! I would LOVE to win! :))
    Thank you SO much for the Giveaway! ^_^


  73. Gini Colorful

    I wil LOVE this jacket.. (i got a jacket obsession)
    Amaría tener ésta chaqueta.. (Yo tengo una obsesión con las chaquetas)

  74. NarushChok

    This jacket is so Luanna (my hair inspiration :D )!
    Love the jacket! It will be such a statement piece for autumn!

  75. Jackie

    I LOVE THIS JACKET. And my name is almost the same as jacket (jackie/jacket) so I think that means me having the jacket is fate. <3

  76. Zoe Lo

    Haha I love how this post has more comments than every other post! Anyways, I love you and I’m so obsessed with your style. On my instagramacc. zoel0 I have a picture of me wearing the same outfit you do on a post ages ago haha I’m so proud of it ; D

  77. Eva-Luna

    At first I was like “I don’t need it I don’t need it” But then you show how your wear it and I was like ‘I NEED IT!”
    Love your blog and style <3

  78. Miren

    OMG I’m like LOVING the jacket… It’s one of those clothes you know will go with you always. So so so beautiful.