February 26, 2020


Dress – vintage

Shoes – Dolls Kill

One of my favorite things to do when cold weather hits is wearing lots of layers and trying to get creative with my summer wardrobe! I never separate my winter and summer wardrobe actually. I always have everything out and just try to manage wearing pieces in different ways. Its just really fun and I actually think theres millions of ways on how to wear something in any specific weather. This look is one of those attempts. I actually had this vintage dress I got a summer back in Amsterdam. It was actually maxi but I planned on cutting it before even buying it! I just added a black mesh underneath and it automatically became a colder weather piece 🙂 I always do that with my sleeveless dresses, particularly those that are a bit on the looser side 🙂 do you guys separate wardrobes depending on seasons? or do you have everything out all year long?

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