September 2, 2016



Given the fact that fall is almost here and my classes literally start this week, I put together a back to school look featuring a couple favorite things I always take with me.  Although I love summer, changes are good and I missed getting back to a routine. With school and a busier work schedule there’s a few things I always have in my bag/ backpack:


I always this white leather notebook with me… every single place I go I have to take this little friend to write fresh new ideas.

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I also take this cute pink 2016 diary from Valfre that reads “gal with a plan” so I can organize myself.

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I always, without exception, need my balm to keep my lips smooth. You guys know I adore EOS but this is their best product I’ve tried! It’s a new Shimmery version of their regular balm. Whenever I wear pink lips I put this on top… it adds an unbelievable smoothness.388A2043388A2065388A2292388A2394

Finally, I take this composition book to do all my doodles. I love drawing in lined paper. Hope I’m not crazy.388A2256388A2022388A2184388A2385

Greenpoint Girls set

EOS Shimmer Lip Balm Sphere

Valfre Notebook

Elizabeth and James backpack

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