May 7, 2014

Before The Seventh Moon

Saying goodbye to grim days with this witch inspired look.

IMG_6464-4 Blouse- She Inside
Blazer- Vintage
Shoes- Miista
Never thought I would love olive green and deep blue so much together. I wore this several weeks ago for a night out… back when it was cold enough to wear tights, a blazer and a big brimmed hat all together. Honestly guys, I frequently go for outfits this dark, I’ve always loved complete black outfits or any kind of dark shades for that matter. I don’t post many of those here because I don’t intend to bore you with my colorless obsession. Anyways, I’m excited for summer. This winter has been very annoying, as its always been one extreme or the other (really cold or rainy and not suitable for layering). Hope to take full advantage of spring before it feels like hell!
Despidiendome del clima frio con este look inspirado en las brujas y todo lo que tiene que ver. Lo use hace varias semanas para salir en la noche cuando podia usar medias, blazer y un sombrero grande al mismo tiempo. Para ser sincera frecuento estos looks oscuros bien seguido… siempre me ha gustado mas irme por todo negro solo que prefiero no aburrirlos con mi obsesion por parecer sacada de una pelicula de terror. En fin, aunque extra├▒are poder vestirme con muchas capas el clima esta hermoso ahora. El invierno en NY ha sido el peor de todos en la historia… Les juro que he sufrido un poco tratando de postear aca jaja.

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