October 25, 2019


It’s fall in the city and all I can think is cozy sweaters and chunky knits. It’s the perfect fall piece to keep you warm outside and indoors. Love pairing them so much because it’s so fun to style different colors and prints and they always add so much texture to an outfit. I’ve been looking for sweaters all over and my favorite and best bet is to get a chunky men’s sweater. They always have the most effortless shape not to mention usually the best sweaters are unisex and vintage looking, and most cool vintage sweaters are men’s. Since I wanted to give you guys some options I looked online and found the ones below all from asos! The one I’m wearing is asos men’s too but it sold out super quick, but these options are as good as, if not better, and they are almost all on sale and super affordable. I might get a few of those too lol because I have a slight addiction to cute chunky knits. Shop my favorite sweaters below:


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