September 4, 2017

Favorite Skin Cleansers


Lately, I’ve been taking really good care of my skin because of these crazy weather changes, especially when travelling. My cleansing routine is probably the most important part of everything I do related to beauty and makeup, because a healthier skin is key.  It not only helps to fortify and protect the skin’s natural qualities, but it also adds a particular glow and life to your look.  My skin has improved so much in the past month just by taking care of my cleansing routine and testing different cleansing products. So far I wanted to share the ones I’ve been just using on a regular basis and that are currently part of my routine.

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Here’s a top five of my favorite picks when it comes cleaning and protecting my skin:

1.  L’Oreal – Pure-Clay Cleanser –  If you look for a good budget friendly cleanser, this is it. Its the perfect detox for all types of skin.  I actually use it once a week because its definitely strong and using it once, makes a big difference.

2. Josie Maran – Argan Exfoliating Cleansing Powder  -Even though my skin is dry, this one is actually for all types of skin and I love it. It leaves my skin so so moisturized because of its argan properties.

3. Xakziuza – Cleansing Water  – this is an oil-free based cleansing water and its perfect for removing makeup late at night when you don’t want to do a whole skin care process. Honestly I used to do wipes before but now I just use cleansing water because its definitely less harsh on your skin.  It really removes make up so fast  and leaves your skin softer.  Love that it works almost as a moisturizer but more importantly you don’t even need rinsing. I take it with me everywhere I go!

4. Tatcha Pure Cleansing Oil – this is an amazing gel-cream for texture and hydration. I would dissolve my make up with this  and then rinse off with water. I swear by this product because it truly feels its purifying your skin leaving the skin smooth and baby-soft.

5. Tula – Purifying Face Cleanser – when I want a more thorough cleanse, I use this Tula deeper cleanser. It has probiotics that boost the skin’s own protection and leaves your face so radiant its insane. So funny that a few of my friends (those that also have an obsession with beauty) also use this one and we always end up talking about how good this is!

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