May 5, 2022


Since I was a little girl, I adored make up. I’ve always secretly sneaked to my mom’s bedroom and watched her do her beauty routine before she went to work. When she left, I would sit and try all her make up, hair products and then rummage through her treasured perfume drawer that she often wore. I knew she had a particular scent for every occasion, and it was a whole world for me to open each bottle and smell every single one. I remember I would feel like an adult, get a glimpse of what it felt to be an independent classy woman. I wanted to be like her when I grew up. Little I knew I would end up in the fashion and beauty industry and love everything as much as her. Time made me realize perfumes and scents were so important. I grew to learn that your perfume is essentially your first and last impression. It can define your presence and make you stand out. But there’s a thing, perfumes can be pricey, and you don’t want to spend all your budget in them. So today I’m bringing you a little secret I’ve always kept but never shared. There’s this amazing site called Dossier where you can find premium fragrances that are accessible to everyone. Every single of their scents is inspired by a high-end luxury one. I honestly wish I could have found this site back in the days when I moved to NYC and was a student on a budget. I would have saved so much money! Dossier is the perfect place for those who don’t want to hurt their wallet but want to experience sophisticated fragrances which are on par with high end luxury ones –for example there is this bleu de chanel dupe perfume. And just like that, you can save hundreds and find so many more affordable options.

With Dossier enjoying clean, ethically sourced, long-lasting, high-end perfume is within reach. This new way to shop for scents honestly blew my mind. So, if you feel overlooked by the industry that overprices their perfumes still feel fragrances are an investment check them out! I mean, there’s a reason Dossier was founded. They were born out of a desire to make fragrances accessible to everyone. The company realized perfumes were being sold for way more than they cost to make.

They have scents of all types, from fruity to woody, magnolia, patchouli, floral musk, coconut, sandalwood. Their strong masculine scents are my favorite – I honestly wear masculine scents myself if you want to know my actual go to hehe.

Also, their packaging is so high end, minimalist and clean. It looks like the perfect luxe perfume you would get at a high- end boutique. It is so classy like some extremely pricey New York scent boutiques on 5th avenue. I am a sucker for packaging myself, particularly if it looks beautiful in my vanity! I mean, you know clean white packaging with minimalist font is my go- to. I love neutral colors, white and black, and visually pleasing aesthetics.

Moreover, I would totally gift this to a loved one, friend or coworker. It is the perfect gift since they look so beautiful. There are so many options so you can find a customized one for everyone, depending on their style. I mean you probably already know what kind of scent they love!

Anyways, hope you found this helpful. I promise you will not regret giving them a try!

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