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Sweater – vintage – shop similar on etsy here, here, here , here, here, here, here and here
Socks – Forever 21
Shoes – Louis Vuitton / same here!!
Bag – similar messenger bags here and here

A super super cozy outfit featuring my favorite fall silhouette. I love fall so much and getting to wear more layers! We took these a few days back in the park near my apartment that was actually just starting to switch to a whole autumny vibe. I just love this season so much, its actually my favorite of them all. And with fall, I love so many other things so I thought I’d share my favorite four things of this time of the year :)
1. Getting that first cup of hot coffee in the morning: Its my favorite moment of the day. I mean, there is no other way to explain it. I just take my time to make myself a good cup of home made coffee in the morning and enjoy a book or check my emails while I sip through it. Its so cliche, and so obvious, but it truly is my favorite thing ever.
2. Thrifting and hunt for cozy sweaters: I am such a sweater collector and whenever I go to a vintage store in fall, I must leave with at least two or three new cozy wool gems. I just love me some vintage oversized, particularly mens’ to wear on top of everything and with tights or leggings. They are such a cute piece to pair with colored socks or printed tights (like lace or fishnets, with thigh high socks too). The one i’m wearing here is from last season but that I never got to wear. So happy I collect vintage sweaters because they are so unique and I still love them every year.
3. Redecorating my apartment with fall and autumny things. It feels so good to redecorate and organize your apartment, but in fall, I definitely do this more often. I would always fill my place with scented candles, essential oils with an air refresher and get some nice things to decorate my kitchen and table for when guests come. Its that time of the year where people would rather stay at home with friends on the weekends and my apartment is always that spot where we all get together. Planning nights at home with friends and getting all the decor is one of the best feelings ever.
4. Rainy gloomy days in the weekends… Yes, I do love me some gloomy days because its like the way mother nature tells us to spend some quality time at home with ourselves or our loved ones. Its time to light some candles, put some relaxing music and enjoy the weather looking at the window. I truly take advantage and would sometimes use these days to treat myself with some masks, a bubble bath or even to reorganize my closet. Its lovely to embrace those grey days and take care of ourselves.
5. Going to parks and natural places: Honestly, everyone loves parks in spring and summer, but I personally am obsessed with the look of them in autumn. The orange leaves, the cold crispy morning air, the humid pavement and the trees with leaves that are ever changing make me so happy. Its so beautiful, every time I go through a park in autumn I would at least sit for 10 solid minutes to enjoy the whole chilly yet cozy atmosphere.
Would love to know what is your favorite season and what you love about it! and if you are like me, would love to hear your favorite things to do in fall. Love you so much!


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