March 29, 2011

Forget that you’re young

Above some pictures from the weekend. I got this ring for 2 dollars in an artesanal market. The dress is vintage and the belt is from my grandma I think. I was wearing tights since its getting cold as hell now. When you step outside after 5 pm you have to be wearing thick layers and can feel and see the fog and mist due to the humidity here in Peru. Although I prefer summer, I love the grey atmosphere sometimes.
As you may see my hair looks different. In the pictures it doesnt looks that clearly since the  photos are cheap quality and were taken during the night (indoor light) so I had to edit them. I bleached my tips and my red hair is turning copperish brown because the dye is already fading away and I dont plan to redye it red, at least for now. It is a sort of ombre, but all my hair has a reddish tone so it wont look exactly the same as typical ombre. I will wait and see how this “new” tone of color goes with me and my style.  Ignore my hair in this pictures, I will post some pictures where you can see it under daylight.
The title of this post is a song by the Raveonettes. The album hasnt been released yet but you can listen to the first song here, which is so sticky.

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