April 21, 2012

Fraction of a second


I’ve been staring at the post for hours and I keep getting so distracted. It kills me when I want to post already but I feel I have to say something.. This outfit is very laid back and comfortable but I love it. The vest is from an indian market in Peru and the blouse is second hand.  I asked my boyfriend to take a couple of pictures quickly  as soon as I put this together  so thats why the shoelaces arent tied up.

 Anyways I think I might thrift today after studying a bit. I hate that I always assume I will do all my homework on the weekend.. I feel I will have a hell lot of free hours to do them, but when the weekend comes I struggle with it, nobody wants to do homework on a saturday.
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Este look es uno de los mas comodos que he posteado, es bien relajado pero me gusta bastante. La blusa es de segunda mano y el chaleco es de un mercado en Peru. No se si las fotos son tan buenas pero queria mostrarles el look.

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