March 8, 2016

Make Up Diaries – Soft Look

Just a quick make up tutorial / diary. I decided to take quick pictures while I was doing my make up yesterday to show you some new products I’m trying! Its essentially a “light look” for me. You guys know I wear a lot of make up every day.

Le Happy quick make up tutorial



Face: Nars Concealer in Vanilla, Glossier Face Mist, Mally Bb foundation and a beauty blender.

I’m going to be honest, I used to wear a lot of powder in my face…without even wearing foundation underneath. Every time I met some make up professional they want to kill me because they tell me my face is too dry to wear powder. Funny because thats basically all I used. I’ve been trying new foundations but with light coverage and this Mally one is so freaking good. It doesn’t leave my skin cakey and the coverage is perfect to not completely hide my freckles. I’ve been looking for a foundation that doesn’t covers my freckles entirely and this actually  works. I use the face mist as a way to blend the concealer with the foundation with the beauty blender. I just spray it to the blender.

Le Happy quick make up tutorial

This Pur contour stick is what I’ve been using for my countouring lately. I used to wear a darker foundation to contour and well that was not very practical. I just put it on the underside of my cheekbones and blend. I didn’t blend it completely on the picture above though.

Le Happy quick make up tutorial

I normally wear an eyebrow pencil but this time I just used a contouring powder by Lorac for my eyebrows with an angled brush. I’ve tried so many brown eyeshadows but I keep coming back to this shade because I like it.

Le Happy quick make up tutorial

I feel a shadow is much more manageable than a pencil, don’t ask me why.

Le Happy quick make up tutorial wearing the Marc Jacobs palette

For the eyes, I recently got the new Marc Jacobs eye palette and its so bloody good. This one is called the Social Butterfly and its exclusive to Neiman Marcus. I know its quite pricey, but I could basically wear it every day so it was worth it. The shades are so pigmented you just need to apply a little and you’re good.  I love it so much I was trying to think of my favorites and couldn’t even pick. The first three are good for light days, but I basically use the entire palette and play around. I normally use some Zoeva brushes..

Le Happy quick make up tutorial

I applied the lightest shade to all my eyelid specially in the lid area. Then I played around with the fourth and sixth eyeshadow in the palette on my crease. It resulted in a shimmery brown and purplish color.

Le Happy quick make up tutorial

Sephora liquid eye liner, Maybelline Spider effect mascara (coming out in June) and Maybelline Lasting Drama white pencil.

The mascara literally gives you a spider effect so I am very careful for my lower lashes. The pencil works on my lower waterline to make the eyes look bigger.

Le Happy quick make up tutorialLe Happy quick make up tutorial

Since Shu Uemura stopped stoking their liquid liner cartridges I recently got this eyeliner and it has been amazing so far. I love it because I can do both a thick eyeliner look or a thin one and it will still look super sharp. I also applied a little on the corner of my lower lashline under the white.

Le Happy quick make up tutorial Le Happy quick make up tutorial

Time for powder. I didn’t use any powder foundation but I definitely used some contouring and blush. This contour kit is from Maybelline and its so affordable and so good. The highlight is my favorite, I use it above my cheekbones, under my eyebrows and on the point of my nose!


Strong contouring but thats how I like it.

Le Happy quick make up tutorial

Lips: Bite Beauty in Chai and a lip liner I bought in Peru. Its sort of a brownish red but looks great with any lip color.

Le Happy quick make up tutorial

The Chai lipstick by Bite is very very creamy. I didn’t expect it to be as I normally like matte lipsticks. But sometimes my lips are so dry I need to wear something more moisturizing on my lips so this did the work for me.

Le Happy quick make up tutorial

The color is like a muted rose withaa little hint of orange. Pretty cool to vary a little.

DSC00577l1 copy

And thats the final result.  You can see some freckles popping up, finally.

Le Happy quick make up tutorial Le Happy quick make up tutorial

hope you guys liked this post, let me know if you would like to see more like these. I am working on a make up video but those are more like “get ready with me” so I don’t want to limit my beauty posts to videos 😉


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