September 24, 2018

Milan Photo Diary.

Photos by Robin Priest
Some photos from the last few days in Milano. Walking like a hell of a tourist wearing almost inappropriate clothes because it was soaking hot. I literally just brought pants and I never imagined it would feel like July by this time of the year! I met Robin, a photographer from the UK who happened to be around and we took some photos and explored around. I have been meeting so many humans during my trips as of lately its insane. One of my favorite things about my job is that I get to get so much inspiration every time I travel and with this comes new friendships and new people in my life! I couldn’t be more in love with her photos and there are so many more to come. Hope you guys like these. I was wearing some vintage pants, an orange top I bought over there and my good old Iron Maiden tee.
Can’t wait to share more!! love you all.

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