May 3, 2010

Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the sanest of us all?

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who’s the sanest of us all?
Is he with me or one of them?
How does he dress, who are his friends?
And I, I’m so confused
Which way, which way to choose?
Ride with me baby ’til the end of the day

Quick post!
I am in exams right now
fhaerhgjanriajbddgbwehbsuwjsnadfsd!!shssfafjurgsfdfbafjkv!!!!! :O

As you may notice, I am freaking out. However I managed to post a couple of pictures from last week!! I really really like this way too high waisted shorts despite the strangling feeling on my waist. They were high waisted pants found on a thrift shop. When I brought them home I realized I needed a little help of my loved scissors and I turned them into shorts. This little cardigan I bought in f21 a while ago has just been released out of my closet! I love the cuteness of the colours on the outfit; the light blue shorts, the fairytale-esque cardigan and the contrasting black top.

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