February 21, 2019

Modern Day Witch.

Dress- L’Agence
Boots – Dr Martens
Photos by Joe Lydon
Some photos from a few weeks ago when my bedroom was still a work in progress. I promise I now have a proper bed haha but I had been travelling so much I finally found the time to finish getting the last pieces of furniture! I will be shooting again with the proper set up but I wanted to share these that we took with my new baby. I adopted a cat and I haven’t been this happy in such a long time. His name is Pan, he was named that way and I felt like keeping it because I think its so cute.
Anyway, long story short: I came back from Peru, after been for so long with my family living with them and wanted to get some company for my new apartment. I’ve always been a dog person but I decided to go to the adoption center right the day I got back. I just planned to sign my name up for future weeks to come and see what was available. Adopting in New York is a bit more of a hard process, they ask you so many questions and you usually end up in a waiting list. Very unlike other countries like Peru where it is so easy. But anyway I did all that, and was waiting for the ladies to tell me to go home but they actually asked me if I wanted to see the kitty that had just gotten there. I had requested a baby kitty just because I thought it’d be easier to develop a relationship.
Well we went to the back room to see the baby. He had just gotten there and was 2 months old. So shy and cute but he wasn’t comfortable with getting outside his own little box. So I felt it wasn’t the right fit because he was way too shy. And then the lady told me if I wanted to see older cats. I was a bit unsure but just went for it. And there was Pan. This lil black furry animal who jumped out the moment we got to him. I fell in love. I wasn’t planning to adopt a 1 yr old and 8 months cat but he was a no brainer. I literally said I’m taking him home with me. And so I did. They told me the previous owners returned him due to financial issues and I felt so sad it crushed my heart. He has probably been wanting to settle for more than a year 🙁 and now he is so so happy words can’t even cover it. I swear he is always by my side and its so cute it kills me. I can’t even take a shower without him trying to sneak in. He sleeps almost on top of my head haha and whenever I feel low or under the weather he would just stay in my bed by my side with his head on my shoulder. God I was so wrong about cats, I thought they weren’t too cuddly or they didn’t want to be around humans that much and I basically just got the best companion ever. Right now Im trying to write this post and he is just staring at the new words in the blank screen trying to understand haha. I’m in love.


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