October 7, 2017


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No Faceless Tee – Tictail
Jeans – vintage/ similar here and here
Blazer – vintage/ similar here and here
Shoes – Marc Jacobs / comes in non patent too

A little bit late but so excited to share my take for the Tictail Not Faceless campaign! Lets get real, we all buy fast fashion, but I strongly believe we should value the stories behind every garment. I have always been a massive fan of Tictail and I absolutely love their initiative to create consciousness on this subject. Lets create awareness in the global community and encourage each other to learn about the brands we are buying… because it is always better and very important to support companies that offer products made by another human. We should stop for a second before going to a mass retailer. Like they say, its about making intentional purchases, and develop a personal style while supporting each other. Tictail brands are made by incredibly talented independent designers, and its so empowering that you can actually get to know the people behind a piece if clothing you wear. Because after all, we are not faceless. Would love to hear your take on this!


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