February 25th, 2014


Cold mornings that remind me of high school.

IMG_5817-2 copyl
IMG_5816-2 copyl
IMG_5791-2 copy
Dress- She Inside
Tee- Once Youth
Coat- Romwe
Shoes- Shellys London

First of all im so glad you enjoyed the video diary! It was so nice to read your super lovely comments, I am going to work on the February video diary soon! I will do my best to post one each month like I used to do.
Anyways, this look has this high school aesthetic. Believe it or not, I was wearing actually dress. It is a shift plaid dress with a white collar that I topped with a graphic t-shirt. I also wore this new coat I got from Romwe which couldn’t be more perf. Basically the best fit I’ve found so far, its so hard to get a coat that has a tailored fit and at the same time keeps you warm.
Primero que nada gracias por sus comentarios tan lindos en el video diary. He leido todos y cada uno de ellos y no puedo estar mas agradecida por su feedback :) Voy a tratar de postear uno cada mes como hacia antes.
En fin, este look tiene una onda bien escolar.. Aunque no lo crean estaba usando un vestido con cuello blanco de cuadros y le añadi un polo negro con grafico encima. El abrigo me lo pedi hace poco de Romwe y no puedo estar mas feliz! Es tan dificil encontrar un abrigo negro que quede entallado y al mismo tiempo que abrigue tan bien… Felizmente todavia queda algo de invierno por delante asi que lo usare bien seguido. Que esten teniendo una linda semana!

39 thoughts on “ONCE YOUTH.

  1. Leto

    I loved the outfit, everything matches perfect and the shoes are awsome.

    I am so happy that you will make video diaries more soon :D

    Muuuch love from Greece <3

  2. carlottaloth

    wow, creía que era una falda, pero me encantan estos tipos de looks, te quedan tan bien! el video estuvo encantador, ademas de bella eres carismatica frente a una pantalla, una sonrisa hermosa!!!

  3. Tanja

    This outfit is so cool, I love the all black with a pop of the tartan skirt. And these cutout shoes are amazing too! But that’s nothing new, you’re always looking so flawless :)

  4. Sofia

    Omg your boots !
    All the look is perfect, actually, I think I’m quite speechless here, there’s nothing to say about it, just.. Perfect. As always I would say. Special crush on the dress (even if I didn’t really understand if it was a dress or a skirt with a sweater, anyway).

    About the video, I enjoyed it, only for a reason :
    Usually, I admit it, I hate videos, I hate wasting my time watching it, and when I saw yours I told myself “Oh no.. Ehw, I’ll make an effort, but just once”, and then, I saw your smile.
    And your smile is the most beautiful little thing on Earth. I watched it all, even if I didn’t really care, I already saw all your pics on the blog, but just too see your smile.
    I know, I sound weird or even scary here, don’t worry, I have no plan to stalk you, and if I wanted to, I’m too far away for that. So you’re safe, hehe.


  5. Cesar

    You look so cool when you wear something short inside a coat, but lately i’m wondering… does it looks cool behind too??without the different colors and prints i guess it looks as if you’re just wearing a coat and shoes ..don’t you think?
    anyway you look very well as ever :3

  6. Lur Serra

    Me encanta la combinación del vestido y la camiseta, con el cuello saliendo por arriba, he visto el vestido en la web y tal y como lo llevas tú parece una prenda completamente diferente. Lo que no me acaba de gustar son los zapatos, quizás por ese diseño que me recuerda a las zapatillas deportivas, pero en fin, en cuestión de gustos ya se sabe…


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