January 19, 2011

One more robot


Simple and very casual outfit. Wore this feeling pretty common but it was comfortable as hell. Wearing bicycle shorts when you dont want to add anything chunky underneath a loose top is the best option. I also wear them when im wearing a dress that makes me feel slutty, feels like those antique underwears, but obviously a little bit more edgy, or maybe a little bit more than a little bit. Ok im talking crap right now but im in a hurry and need to go but I feel too boring by just posting pictures. Do you read me guys? or do I write for myself haha. I would appreciate your sincere answer, since sometimes I just scroll down my favorite blogs and am too lazy to read.
Ill post this tomorrow on lookbook, which picture is better? I always doubt for hours before posting and ask everyone in my house. The funny thing is that everyone says they all look the same, always.

good night..

ps. top is from old navy, bicycle shorts from my mom (gym), docs, jacket is an old one I found in my moms closet, and the bag is extremely old, fake Chloe from 2001 I think

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