September 20, 2017


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Coming to Paris has definitely put things on perspective and I wanted to share a little bit with you guys, because I feel it is something we all might happen to experience at some point in our lives.
A few months ago, I kind of lost sense of direction, personally speaking. I was just too consumed in the little things, and when I could take a deep breath and look outside the box, I found myself sort of lost and without any motivation whatsoever. I would normally be the girl that wakes up at 6 am, so happy and excited about a new day, but that started changing and eventually I found myself waking up so late and not wanting to get out of my bed at all. I was confused and tried to understand what was going on. Months went by, I did many things, and nothing seemed to work out. Then a Thursday night (actually 2 am) I realized I needed a little adventure, anything that would bring me up and let me see things on perspective. So I impulsively booked a trip to Paris, a Thursday at 2am without even asking my boyfriend. I just needed something to give me some sort of excitement and happiness, if anything, it could only be a positive thing. And god how glad I am that I did.
Going to Paris on an adventure and doing so many things without even planning them has had to be one of the best things that I have experienced. Its just a “let go”, let things happen and enjoy every second of it. That is what life is about right? Its just too short to go over the little things, or get too attached to things that you can’t change, problems and issues that are beyond your control. You just have to embrace them and make the best out of them, instead of staying like a little kid in your bed, waiting for them to go away. I am so so overwhelmed now with all that I learned and thankfully experienced in Paris. Meeting amazing friends, going to hidden places, getting lost with my boyfriend trying to remember a language I used to know by heart, eating more cheese than I have ever in my entire life and walking so much my legs almost fell off. This particular day was so incredible. I met a few friends that know how to get into Paris rooftops. And man, the adrenaline was real and felt so good. It was so fun to walk (and climb) up there trying to get no one to see us. The weather was amazing, the sun was starting to set and the view… the view was everything. And then I saw it. Life is amazing if you take it where you want it to go.
With all of this, I am not saying the solution is go get a ticket to Paris. But what I mean is, if you ever feel things are not on their right direction or you feel a little bit lost, do something about it. Have an open mind and try to find the good on the things you have in life. Do something you’ve never done before. Plan a getaway to freshen up your mindset or just spend more time doing things that you love, time with someone you didn’t see in a long time, plan more dates, do new things and be open to adventures. Find something new, and make it exciting. Honestly that adrenaline I felt made me realize life is too beautiful to waste it away, sit or do nothing.
I would love to hear your thoughts on this, and hopefully help someone that might have been through the same:)

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Photos by Visualisation and Gonzalo Mavila

Special thanks to Viddushi, Akash and Florian 🙂


  • Love the wonderful Paris pictures!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  • Muchas gracias por este post, realmente me inspiró y me hizo pensar en muchas cosas que están pasando en mi vida. Qué a veces sólo hay que saber disfrutar de las pequeñas cosas que la vida nos ofrece, ya sea un abrazo de alguien que quieres mucho, poder ver un día lluvioso con un café o escuchar música que te lleve lejos. Y por supuesto arriesgarse a hacer cosas que nunca pensaste que harías. Me alegro que te sientas mejor, tu haz has sido una de mis inspiraciones. Además de que me siento orgullosa de que seas latinlatinoamericana. Ojalá veas mi mensaje, saludos desde Uruguay 🙂 <3

  • Sometimes I feel like this. Like I’m stuck into something I don’t belong. I feel fake. I’m a lucky girl and I think it’s not a problem from my personal life. It’s about the professional one.

    I’m a graphic designer, but I wanna travel a bit more, do more photography and drawing.

    And I already live in Paris haha! So I gotta find another destination I suppose 😉

  • Annalisa Zamengo says:

    Okay, I’m literally crying right now. I’d never thought that a simple blog post would make me feel like this and I’d never thought that you would share something so personal.
    I’m going to save this post for every day I need it because it’s TRUE. I mean, I realised that I need to do something in my life, to stand up for what I really want and who I really am. God bless you. Wow, I’m so glad you wrote this, I’m in a very confused, bad, strange period because of physical and health problems and bla bla bla, but I understand that it doesn’t matter. I have to live my life like if I didn’t have them. God , thank you. So so thankful. Honestly

  • These photos are so amazing! Paris is beautiful.

    || The Neon Factor, by Diana ||

  • I love it!!! Its truth, and since I started with the blog i lost direction twice: one of them, took me almost a year to recover. And living in a different country, and experiencing something completely new helped me to fin direction again!

  • I get what u r trying to say. Actually the weird thing is that i experienced the same exact thing while being in Paris except in my case the motivation was: to work hard as much as possible to be able to afford to visit this amazing city again and again. Its weird how much of an effect Paris aka new adventure can have on you.Its almost…magical (:

  • Ahh these photos are so magical! I really want to go there someday!

  • Always so inspiring, I’mg glad you shared this experience and your mindsey with us <3 Life is a balance, sad times success to happy ones, and being lost is actually the best way to find yourself.

  • This post is so so good! It’s much more deeper and reflective than the usual outfit posts that, right after I read it, I thought I should say something! I think that feeling like this, as you said, lost and without motivation is something proper to human nature. It’s very common to feel that way when we’re in the same routine for some time. It was great to know about your experience and how it made you think about your own life and existence. I think you should definitely try more posts like this!!

  • My darling you have a lovely way of getting your point across and this is a great post !
    I am a person who has suffered with anxiety and depression most of my life . I’m not a kid , and through my 50 years on this mortal coil I have coped . I have developed certain strategies to keep going on .At my lowest points I have battled with such horrendous demons .
    To cope , I have been able to ask for help when I need it . I have tried to start each day with a 10 minute mindfulness exercise. I have stressed in myself to adopt an attitude of gratitude . Most of what we go through we create ! Slow down , take hourly daily times to focus be grateful for what you have . Meditate or pray every day 10 minutes is not long . Most of all be good to yourself .
    Dress The Part

  • Wow Lua! Vengo visitando tu blog desde hace años, cuando encontre tus fotos por casualidad en
    Me encanta que hayas hecho un post como este. De verdad, gracias. A veces, nosotros como expectadores y seguidores de tus momentos, podemos llegar a perder de vista que sos una persona como todos. Al menos, eso me pasa a mi. Son posteos como estos los que me hacen verte como una persona real, vivis cosas como las que yo vivo tambien. Hace unos meses me sentia de la misma forma que vos. E hice exactamente lo mismo. Solo que mi destino fue Brasil. Volvi con una nueva perspectiva de mi vida en general, conocer gente y ponerte fuera de tu zona de confort, nos hace crecer. Hay que desenchufar mas seguido de la vida que llevamos y tomarnos un tiempo lejos, pensando solo en nosotros 🙂 me pone muy feliz que hayas vivido tremenda aventura! Muchos besos!

  • So happy that you found you way back when you had it enough.
    I hope you continue this journey with such mindset.

    ♡♡♡ Saved your words for future read, cause surely I will need them alot. Thank you for sharing such deep thought Luanna. ♡♡♡

  • Absolutely love it!

    Mireia from TGL

  • I hate funks like that. I’m glad you overcame it and are in a better place now. These rooftop and Eiffel Tower photos are stunning!! I’m glad you did something spontaneous and it proved a success : )

  • This pictures are so beautiful and the whole writing is beautiful. I feel like Paris has that effected on people, it just makes you realize how amazing everything is. I was in Paris recently and it was like this is it, this is what life is really about.
    To Read with Tea

  • hello there!
    I have had some health issues lately, due to anxiety, and at times I felt lost, just like you said! I just wanted to thank you for this post, it really helped me. I follow your blog for years, but I rarely comment, every time I check a new post the only thing I want to say is that you look so beautiful in the photos and your style inspires me so much.
    also thank you for sharing your story and I’m so glad that you feel so good now!
    please excuse my english, I hope you continue being happy and of course to continue making amazing blog posts, vlogs, and sharing stunning photos.
    sending you lots of love <3

  • One of the best cozy outfit that I have ever seen

  • azeene roozbayani says:

    I deffo agree with this, people always say to me I go away often but it’s because often I feel too routined in my daily life that I forget about enjoying myself and time with my loved ones. So I try to get away as much as I can. Paris couldn’t be a better option, I went in August this year for my birthday and the city itself just has this magical vibe to it. The most perfect! Your photos look amazing and I’m glad you feel a whole lot better for being spontaneous, because we only get one life! We must enjoy it as much as we can 🙂 xxx

  • everything about this is beautiful, and I’ve definitely been feeling this way right now… i was once the person who had his entire life together and now i feel so disoriented and discombobulated and i really need to get back to where i was… i need something so sporadic and spontaneous as this and yet i also need something more static as well in my life. i just really hope it comes soon. thank you for sharing this lua!

  • Adventures to roof tops sounds so fun. I hope to travel to Paris one day as well.


  • So happy you had this experience and shared it with us, being spontaneous in life is such an adventure. You look amazing and the photos are great hon <3

  • I love Paris and beautiful photos.


  • I already absolutely loved your instagram stories in paris and with this post and I can understand and relate so much what this need to break the circles of negativity and worry feels like. I am too good at worrying about things myself.
    In November 2016 me and my Ex Boyfriend decided to end the nine years of relationship and from that point I felt better than ever before immediately, having complete freedom to be myself and to do what I want, started decluttering my head, my home and slowly findig and caring for myself again. Now That my my life isn’t a complete emotional and material mess anymore I’m currently saving money to spend the following years traveling as much as possible.

    By the way, it’s interesting how I felt like your blog became something very professional but unpersonal and now I do understand why and I’m so happy the personal feel returned with this post and your trip to paris ♥

  • This articel opens minds 🙂
    Please can you do a post about places to be in Paris? This would be awesome!

    Thanks, xx

  • Great style in the city of romance! Loving it!

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