May 19, 2016


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If you follow on instagram or snapchat you probably know all about this. The Period Projects is such an amazing initiative by U by Kotex and I couldn’t be more proud to partner with them and promote their Period Pop Up shop that was this past weekend. Basically it promotes the acceptance of our little friend that comes visit us every month and makes us see it in another light. One that is actually positive, one that makes us perceive it in a shameless way. Because that’s what we need, stop the shaming, and start embracing it in real life. I have identified so many feminist movements that want to change the world’s perspective on periods, but most of them are online, on tumblr, on personal blogs, magazines, you name it. But having events like these is the way to make a difference, we laugh about it together in real life, because it won’t go anywhere and making it a taboo is not cool. See below all the craziness of the The Period Shop. It had so many cute things I swear I hyperventilated the moment I got in and I literally wanted everything. I mean, can we all get the “This is my period sweatshirt”. Read more about this movement here.

100% of proceeds from the pop-up go to Susan’s Place charity, to privde clothing, food, shelter, and support for women in need.


Si me siguen en instagram y snapchat probablemente ya saben todo sobre este post. Los Period Projects son una iniciativa de U by Kotex que me parecio increible y no pude estar mas feliz de trabajar con ellos para promocionar su Period Pop Up el fin de semana pasado! Basicamente promueve la aceptacion de nuestro amiguito que nos visita todos los meses y nos hace verlo de una manera completamente distinta… Una manera mas normal y positiva… sin ningun tipo de verguenza o pena.  Es que necesitamos eso, parar de avergonzarnos y aceptar hablar sobre el tema en la vida real. He visto muchos movimientos feministas que quieren cambiar la perspectiva del mundo en cuanto al periodo pero la mayoria son online, en tumblr, en blogs personales, en revistas, etc… pero jamas he visto un evento, un lugar en donde deja de ser un taboo y nos reimos en persona . Abajo pueden ver lo que fue la locura del Period Shop. Tenia tantas cosas chistosas y bellas para llevar.  Me queria comprar todo! Realmente creo que todas deberiamos tener ese sweatshirt que dice “This is my period sweatshirt” jaja, seria increible. Pueden leer mas sobre este movimiento aca.

Le Happy visits the U by Kotex Period Shop Le Happy visits the U by Kotex Period Shop Le Happy visits the U by Kotex Period Shop Photo May 14, 3 14 49 PM Le Happy visits the U by Kotex Period Shop Le Happy visits the U by Kotex Period Shop Le Happy visits the U by Kotex Period Shop Period Projects Le Happy visits the U by Kotex Period Shop Le Happy visits the U by Kotex Period Shop Le Happy visits the U by Kotex Period Shop Le Happy visits the U by Kotex Period Shop Le Happy visits the U by Kotex Period Shop Le Happy visits the U by Kotex Period Shop

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  • Qué buena iniciativa! Me ha encantado la sudadera y bueno, toda la ropa en general <3

    Montones de amor,

  • Michael Durgin says:

    you look great, as always. hope to hear from you real soon

  • Haha “go with your flow” witty!

  • Laura Rain says:

    Your are awesome, I love the concept and everything!

  • this is awesome! great idea behind the project!
    Fash ‘n’ fudge

  • Such a cool project! As much as I loathe my period, I’m so thankful as well that they pop up every month. :)

  • Beautiful post! :)

    You are such a beauty and super cute! :)

    I LOVE your maxi jeans dress babe! ♥♥♥


    Photography & Fashion Blog,

  • Que idea tan buena! El periodo es lo mas normal del mundo entonces no hay ninguna razon por tener vergüeza!
    Gracias por compartir esa idea con nosotras!
    Besitos desde Alemania :)

  • That is soooo cute!

  • I sometimes have trouble with how some feminist-ish projects are being portrayed – I mean, yeah, this is clearly about embracing femininity and accepting your period which is cool, but femininity also comes in different shapes and “colors”. It’s not that I really love or hate my period – it just is (have to thank birth control a bit for that) and I’m aware how troublesome it must be in certain places around the globe with low hygienic conditions. Anyhow, I just can’t quite reflect myself via all these “witty” and “cute” phrases and color of pink. They do seem to have things which might interest me, I’m not in absolute denial or anything (absolutism often isn’t the way). But indeed, we need more awareness of bodily functions – these things are completely natural and happen for a purpose, hence there should be no stigma. I’m glad movements like this are gaining attention, although I may not completely agree with how they represent femininity. In the end of the day, we have different ideas of what it is like to be a woman or a man, a girl or a boy. Wishing you all the best!

    • lehappy says:

      I agree with you in some way. But I have to say these events are about positiveness towards being a woman and sometimes humor is the best tactic to bring attention to social issues. Anything that actually deviates from chauvinism, taboos, keeping things for ourselves, being ashamed or feeling we have something to hide is definitely good for me, specially if its directed to a younger generation (like this event in particular). I don’t mind if its too cute, “witty”, or if they make ridiculous jokes, its all about joining forces to overcome that mindset and make a difference, as cliche as it sounds. This specific humorous approach is a great way to attract people into the subject and then little by little change their mindset. If it were something too serious it will probably throw people off or make them feel unrelated to the matter. Of course it is not that you hate your period…it is simply talking about it, that is why there were some cute phrases that referred to the period in a positive way and phrases that were about hating your period but laughing about it.. because to each its own.

      • I’m glad you took time to answer me back. I wasn’t really expecting it but as I came to see updates, I remembered commenting here and went to see if anyone reacted to it. I tried to be constructive of what I wrote, leaving room in case someone felt the spark to pick up the conversation. I love your style and all and I earlier commented on one of your posts how I’d like to hear more from you, as you mentioned about feeling like doing so. I’m just “some stranger” to you but I think it’s possible to connect with each other, even with small things. You must be busy with your life and can’t always reply to everyone, but by sharing a little conversation like this with you I already feel you’ve come a bit closer and shared more of your inner self.

        So thank you for coming back with a good reply like that. I can see your point and true indeed, humor is a way to break the ice. Now that I think of my comment I feel it seems a bit stiff haha, since I love humor and think people should express themselves more positively. I feel off with people who never make jokes, lol. And sometimes, being “ridiculous” and “not cool at all” is good for you. But yeah, I do feel a bit alienated from some campaigns aimer for women. Enough said

  • This is actually so damn cool, love the project and the sweater!


  • Love the crewneck sweater!! So cute

  • I love this so much! I need a presence like this in my life every month. Raging girl hormones can only be calmed by beautiful and adorably sassy clothes.
    Long live!

  • This is an awesome post! I don’t know how the world can finally start to accept people as they are( which
    is awesome), but a our periods are still a taboo subject.

  • Habría tambien que dejarle de decir “amiguito” , menstruación, punto XD.
    Me gustó como le contestaste a esa persona que estaba en acuerdo y desacuerdo con el evento, me parece super positivo todo, que haya y que vos participes me pone muy contenta, porque sé que sos feminista ;D y bueno, si el tema del género es para otro topic XDD, porque es muy complicado y no se puede dejar a todos contentos.

  • If I could spend every period in a cool arty place like this every month instead of sobbing and snotting all over my boyfriend (he puts up with a lot when Aunt Flo arrives haha) That’d be great. I really hope this takes off! Might see what I can do here in the UK to cut the taboo!

    Sarah |

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