April 24, 2019

Red Stripes

Overalls – ASOS

Tee – vintage

Boots – Dr Martens

A simple look I wore a few weeks ago. Overalls are one of my favorite pieces because they are so easy to pair! I usually love to wear them with striped tops, so todays outfit is no exception. I wore this oversized vintage tee / sort of sweatshirt tucked in my tights so it didn’t look so baggy and big inside the overalls! I always do this, whenever you wear tights, tuck in the top to the tights and everything will look sucked in and you’ll get a better silhouette.

Anyways, Ive been crazy busy so you guys can see my instagram for more updates! I’ve been posting so many videos and plan to do so many more. I am finally doing a video a week so stay tuned on my youtube channel! If you want to get updates make sure to suscribe too 🙂

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