Finally I decided to film my room tour after getting so many requests :) ┬áIts a very casual video I filmed a few weeks ago on a very bright morning sharing what’s in my room and how I keep it organized. I didn’t realize I skipped a few things but I hope you find this helpful! I know it might get a very shaky but I lost my smaller camera and this one was so heavy it was hard to focus and stay still. I promise the next one will be better! Hope you guys enjoy it!

If you have any suggestions for videos don’t hesitate to leave a comment. I literally use your comments for video ideas and I can’t wait to film the next one :)
Some products mentioned in the video:
Cote Bastide Argan Crystal Potpourri
Gold perfume by Commodity
Le Labo candle in Santal
Helix sleep matress
Wicked candle – now Biren & CO
Aveda Chakra Balancing Body Spray
Byredo Bibliotheque candle
Bite lip liners
Vanity is from Ikea and I added a custom made marble slab


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