November 9, 2016



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ITS HERE! My very first collection for Shop Le Happy, my online shop 🙂 See below to see the story of each design, and a video of a million ways you can style them!

It all goes back to the beginning. I remember perfectly when I lived in Peru and started my blog. Most of my everyday outfits consisted of thrifted pieces and a lot of DIY shirts, because clothing stores were limited. I had to be creative with what I had in order to get the outfits I wanted. Graphic Tees were few and far between, so I decided to create my own. That’s how I started the very first outfits of my blog, and I wanted that rewarding feeling of creating something of my own again.
So I went back to my roots and created shirts again, but this time, I could share them with you.
I’ve been working on this for months, and narrowed it down to my four favorite graphics. The collection consists of four designs all designed by yours truly and each tee retails at $35 for a super affordable option and we ship almost worldwide!
Every single one has a very personal meaning making each so special. They have this super soft and slouchy silhouette handpicked by me that perfectly suits any body shape. I have been wearing this since I could get them on my hands, and honestly I love them so so much because they are SO FUN to combine See below for the story of each design!

Nothing like roses. This is a picture I took particularly on a gloomy day where I felt a little down. Stumbling across a deli with the prettiest blooms lifted my entire day up. It’s so important to appreciate the beauty in the little things!

CAMERA TEE (also comes in black)
388A2430 copy
This vintage camera is actually sitting on my desk and its my favorite. I will always prefer film photos over digital, because they are actually about capturing real moments.

CAT TEE (also comes in white)
Photo Nov 07, 5 14 41 PM
I love cats, most of us do. But this cat t-shirt holds a special value because its a picture my boyfriend took of his cat when we lived in Peru. This baby was so sweet and I love her so much.
I always felt she was telling me: Hello Stranger, this is my territory so you better pet me.

388A2695 copy
“The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff.”
I wanted a t-shirt that had this perfect phrase, just as a little reminder that we are all beautifully interconnected down to the very core elements of our existence

Below is a video where I share the million ways you can wear and style them to make the look your own. It was actually challenging to make this video because I kept coming up with ideas haha.

Hope you enjoy the the collection as much as I do!! I love you all from the very bottom of my heart and this wouldn’t have been possible without your support! It genuinely means the world to me that I can finally offer something I adore with you.

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