February 22, 2017

New Collection -SHOPLEHAPPY



I am SO excited to finally share my new collection, one I have been working since the beginning of the year in Peru! I decided to take things to another level and create them with the highest quality standards and offer you something durable and oh my god so soft.

Each and every piece was hand made in Peru.  We worked directly with a family owned workshop in my hometown, Lima, the city where I was born and raised. One of my main goals was to create jobs and opportunity, and give back to my community respecting the ethical labor standards. The workshop where all the pieces were crafted became my home basically and I made sure every piece fit perfectly in all the right places. They are all made of top Peruvian cotton. We used three of the best cotton varieties in order to ensure our pieces are valued for their quality and permanence: Pima cotton, combed cotton and french terry for the hoodie!

This new collection features five different styles. While creating the pieces, I incorporated our photography from past experiences and inspirational statements that resonate with my vision and which I identify with at the moment. Each tee was made with a DIY purpose in mind, too!  The design of the silhouette was specially crafted to allow any customizations, so essentially if you guys are DIY junkies like me you can literally make our pieces cropped, a short sleeve, or even a tank top and it will still look awesome 🙂 they come with a little guideline written by me to help you out!

388A2053-2 copy

I will be doing a blog post every day, of each piece to show you guys how I style them. This time I’m wearing the Heaven t-shirt showing you how it looks cropped. You can see how it looked before and after and I literally can’t decide which I like better, but since I am wearing high waisted pants most of the time, I went for the cropped today. The tee features a pair of wings in the back… it has been a dream of mine to actually wear something like this and it makes me so happy I made it my own and you guys can get one too 🙂

Hope you liked the collection and let me know your favorite?
388A188s copy
388A1916-2 copy
388A1870-2 copy
388A1907-2 copy copy copy
388A1953-2 copy
388A1940-2 copy
388A1962-2x copy
388A2063-2 copy

check the whole collection here


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