Shopping for Festival Season.

Photo Apr 02, 12 37 47 PM
Set from Nasty Gal
Since its Coachella this weekend I’m seeing festival inspiration everywhere I went ahead and put together a little festival season shopping list! I won’t be attending this year because I got a lot of things going on but I’m still planning some looks for other festivals coming up. I don’t know what is it but this year i’m obsessed with channeling the 60s  and 70s during festivals. Love love the pink / orange color palette and even more when it is a look inspired by that era. See below for some favorite pieces I definitely want to get my hands on!
Also, on another very important note, since most pieces are from Shopbop I think you guys should totally check their latest insane sale going on. You can get 20% off orders under $500 and 25% off orders of $500 or more with code EVENT18.

Matching sets:

Shop matching sets here


Festival cool bottoms:

Photo Apr 02, 1 02 23 AM

Festival crop tops:


Round sunglasses:


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