March 27, 2015

Silent Winter.

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Photography by Christina Shields

Dress – She Inside

Coat – Romwe (sold out)  similar here

Shoes – Jessica Buurman / also get them here

I’ve been meaning to share these for a while and I don’t know why I kept forgetting. These were from such a cold cold day.  No but really, it was the coldest day of winter. The sun was shining but I was actually freezing so much!  The outfit is really cute. Sometimes I just like a piece so much by itself that I just get it no matter the style. Then when I’m feeling like dressing up in a totally different way I already know what to wear. Its really so fun to ocasionally go beyond and try new things for a day. I loved this dress because of the pastel shades and because it has teddy bears… yes, those are teddy bears.


He querido postear este look hace ya un tiempo y no se por que me paraba olvidando. Estas fotos son de el dia mas frio de todo el invierno. Habia muchísimo sol pero me estaba congelando! El look es un poco mas dulce y elegante de lo usual. A veces me gusta una prenda tanto por si misma que me la llevo sin importar el estilo que tenga. Entonces en esos dias que me provoca probar un look totalmente distinto me pongo una de esas prendas. Realmente es divertido ir un poco mas alla y un dia que otro vestirme super diferente solo por que me provoco. Este vestido me encanto por los colores pasteles con el negro y por que tiene ositos jaja 🙂

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