October 6, 2015

Smells like Autumn

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ph by Christina Emilie

I never realized how important it is to feel like home here in NY so I don’t get homesickness. One of those things that make me feel like that is a good scent (even more now that fall is here as I like to spend cozy afternoons inside). I can’t explain the difference it makes as you have to feel it by yourself, but trust me, being surrounded by a good smell does make a difference. I’ve been indulging in these as of lately:

-The perfume I usually use now is Gaiac 10 by Le Labo. I actually picked my favorite perfume notes which are Sandalwood and Musk and this perfume is so woody.

Cote Bastide is a grapefruit bubble bath, literally feels like heaven after a long day.

Argan Potpourrri is a decoration accent with such a warm vanilla and amber scent I swear it elevates the atmosphere of the entire room.

– Byredo Bibliotheque in Bougie Parfumee is a candle with peach and plum notes… small but mighty.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Universalis, is the perfume in a glass tiny package. I got it on my monthly Glossy Box and I’ve been hooked ever since it has this fresh fruity vibe I like to put on to feel light.

 Rootfoot Spirit Animal, is a scent made of organic essential oil. They have a specific scent for each animal you feel connected to and I picked it in Deer. This particular scent is for gentleness, sensitivity and generation and it holds a strong meaning. You can also pick your own animal you identify with.

Future Glory bucket bag.




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