December 15, 2016

Stockholm Outfits with Tictail.

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As I mentioned before, I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Stockholm with Tictail, one of my favorite stores. Tictail is an online market place where you can find the most creative emerging designers and they invited me to their headquarters in Sweden. We got to explore the city and meet most of the Swedish designers so I got to wear some of their most amazing stuff! I honestly had one of my best trips so far. Visiting Sweden has always been on my bucket list 🙂 Did you guys know back when I started my blog I used to look for Swedish streetstyle for inspiration? I think Stockholm is one of the cities that have influenced my style the most since the beginning. See below for a little photo diary of our trip.

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We stayed at the Haymarket by Scandic hotel. I obviously fell in love with this retro bathroom. Never thought I would actually like a flamingo print in a bathroom. Now I need it.


One of the first outfits to walk around our hotel. It was so cold words can’t even describe but there is something magical about walking in Stockholm while freezing. It felt really Christmasy.388A7734 copy 388A7674 copy

This coat from Habey though. I could easily say this is my favorite color on a long wool coat. I just love how it matched my hair and how warm it kept me throughout the trip.
388A7565 copyPhoto Dec 01, 7 39 21 AM

This was actually a little treat we were given by the hotel. I love when they spoil you and leave you a little something! It tasted like a caramel Macaron.

388A7512 copy

388A7330 copyProbably one of the cutest looks from the trip, and probably the day I braved the cold the most. Obviously this was not the full look, I was also wearing a black long coat on top but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. I wanted to show you guys this amazing leather jacket from Deadwood, one of my favorite brands found at Tictail. We also got to visit their store which was my absolute dream. Leather jackets all over, coolest skinny jeans, oversized hoodies and the best rock playlist.
388A7416-2388A7544 copy copyPhoto Dec 06, 10 32 07 AM

Same jacket, different look. Shoes are from Jeffrey Campbell.

Photo Dec 02, 6 33 01 AM copy

Humlegarden is a park near the area we stayed. I literally cannot put into words how amazing it felt to be in the middle of the woods with all those naked trees that looked like their branches wanted to touch each other. The picture to the right was the view of the same park from one of the showrooms we visited. Also, that coffee was bomb.

388A7535Photo Dec 03, 6 29 22 AM-2 388A7755-3 copy

Another look. Even though it was night very early in the day (literally 2pm was already almost dark!), I loved the light in Stockholm. I think its amusing how the world works and how different lighting is in different parts across continents. You can get this sweater here and boots here.

388A7644388A7794 copy

My little companion throughout all the trip. I have never mentioned this but I’m a small bag girl. I like it when I can fit my most basic stuff and feel like i’m not wearing a bag. This Moyi Moyi leather crossbody bag is so lightweight and pretty I didn’t even take it off for a split second.


Photo Dec 01, 12 59 31 PM copy copy

What I wore for the gorgeous holiday party Tictail set up. It was filled with Swedish drinks and literally the most delicious snacks ever. I wish I had taken a picture! I was wearing a hoodie from KHND (they have the sickest nude pieces) and some fishnet tights.

388A8228 Photo Dec 03, 4 30 16 AM-2

View from our room. Sweden, you are so beautiful (get the dress here)
Photo Dec 02, 7 47 34 AM copy copy

388A7557 copy 388A7935 copy 388A8030

My favorite elegant dress in the entire world. Thank you Ida Sjostedt for making my dream dress come true.388A7843 copy copy 388A7927 copy 388A8048 copy 388A8079

Dress details

388A8183 copy

We were so lucky to have a flower market right in front of our hotel. And yes, I was freezing on the right picture.388A8186 Photo Dec 06, 2 53 12 PM copy

Stockholm christmas lights and my all black and crimson outfit featuring a Filippa K jacket.
Photo Dec 03, 9 38 48 AM

Hope you guys enjoyed this long post 🙂 and so many thanks to Tictail for this unforgettable journey!!!!


  • You should come to freeze in Finland next time! Looking at pictures of Stockholm makes me feel cosy, must be because the architecture doesn’t differ that much from ours…almost as if you were in Helsinki instead. I was chatting with my Swedish acquaintance once and linked her some pictures from here and she noted how similar it looks. Well, Northern European countries rock anyways. Have a good year, I love seeing your travelling posts!

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