November 27, 2017

Subway Diaries.

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Photos by Javier Rivero

Everything is vintage / shop similar pieces below!

Shoes – Similar here and here

Sunnies – Kendall & Kylie

It’s Monday so I thought why not walk you around my every morning ride haha. I’ve been in the subway literally more than a million times ever since I live in NY (6 years and counting), but I haven’t shot an outfit underground in a while. I’ve clearly been quite into vintage pieces again. I don’t know how every time the season changes I just have the urge to go hunting for vintage like there is no tomorrow… specially in fall where I just can’t get enough vintage sweaters! This is a very simple outfit, black mini, tights and thigh highs and a sweater I cropped myself. I also got these sunnies recently and I haven’t taken them off (except for gloomy days of course). They are so lightweight and tiny and I actually had been searching for a similar vintage pair for a while… so glad someone made them because I couldn’t find them anywhere!

Anyways, hope you guys are having a great monday so far. I’ve been working on some great posts and a new video from my trip to Paris is coming soon!!


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