May 28, 2016

Summer Skin.


Hello Summer. Although I love love summer, my skin has mixed feelings towards it. Its so important to take care of the skin with so many weather changes and keep up with the humidity.  These are some of my essentials as of now.

DSC00584 DSC00637-2

Nude Overnight Mask. I’ve recently started using masks during the night and man they make such a big difference. I wish I used them before when my skin started to get worse due to all the NYC weather fluctuations and recent travels. I love this one in particular, it makes my skin glow the morning after. The formula is a little dense so the cream is on the thicker side, which I love because you actually feel you are wearing product.

DSC00634 DSC00623

Tatcha One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil: This little bottle has does so many things at the same time. It removes my make up but also leaves my skin way smother. Its an oil you apply on your dry face with dry hands and it will basically melt your make up. I seriously love this so much because it is not a harsh cleanser unlike many others I have tried as it leaves the natural moisture on your face.


Ceramidin by Dr Jart. My go-to moisturizer. I take this one with me everywhere because I have very dry skin. It feels so smoothing and literally takes away all the flakiness

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This Eau de Matines smells so so good! I personally prefer scents with notes of woods and musk this one also has some fruit notes which makes it perfect for the day. I prefer a good eau de perfum to wear during the day as they are not too concentrated like normal perfumes. I mean getting in the subway with a very dense scent like you poured an entire bottle is a little bit too much.


Sea Radiance Eye lift: My undereye savior. Its a little bit on the pricey range but Sea Radiance is a brand by dermatologist Debra Jaliman so the products are extremely reliable. This was so worth it to improve the texture of my undereyes!  Its made of a Sea Elixir and replenishes the collagen with all its antioxidants.  I mean, you only have one face and its better to take care of it before its too late.


Korres Lip butter. When I’m at home and not wearing any lipstick this is what I go for. I use so many liquid matte lipsticks and I started noticing more dryness and crackles so I like to use something that hydrates them I’m not wearing much make up but want some tint. This one melts on the lips and its so so good.

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