May 24, 2017


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As you already know, I’ve been obsessed with sweatpants and sweat sets in general as of lately. Who says you have to stay lounging at home or go running to wear some joggers? I just think it makes such a cool outfit if you accessorize with some chokers, a cool hairstyle or even some fishnets. Here are my favorite sweat sets at the moment:

1. Okayla Red set – Sweat top  & Sweatpants: This is the one i’m wearing and it is such an original track suit. They also have a green one but I honestly LOVE the red with the striped side lining. The sweat top comes a little longer but I took the freedom to make it more cropped.

2. Daniel Patrick Sweat Set –  Hoodie & Sweatpants: This is a classic turned cooler by the fact that they use double sides of the french terry fabric. I love how Daniel Patrick always plays with the textures and the fit of the sweatpants are my fave. It might be a splurge but I wear my Daniel Patrick sweat pants all the time with some fishnets under and it looks so good.

3. Cotton Citizen – Handwashed set – Hoodie & Sweatpants: If you are looking for something not so simple with a cool aesthetic this is it. It reminds me of a vintage tie dye effect and the dusky shade is so cool.

4. Boohoo Basic Co-ord sweat set : This one is a fav because its just straight forward a cool set… simple and so affordable. If you just want the classic coordinate sweat set in the perfect grey shade this is the one for you.

5. Missguided Velvet Set – Velour Zip jacket & Velour Sweatpants: If you were drooling over Vetements and Juicy Couture set that is thousands, then this is such a cool affordable option. I love the oversized hoop details and the off grey shade that allows you to match it with black or white.


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