July 17, 2015

Sweet Throwback

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw this moment from 1994 with my dad when I was 4 years old. It’s such a special picture and holds so much value for me because I was daddy’s girl. He basically did everything for me, including waking me up every single morning for school, letting me play with his entire rock album collection, or giving me that toy I so much wanted behind my mom’s back (sorry ma!). But I live in New York now and being away makes me try to find little things that feel like home. Both coffee and caramel are two of them and the Coffee-Mate Caramel Macchiato flavored creamer helps me evoke those memories so much. See, when I was a little kid, dad used to drink coffee and creamer all the time and always gave me a little to try in the mornings. He also has a super sweet tooth and always had caramel candies in his nightstand drawer that I would sneak. So every time I have the Coffee-Mate Caramel Macchiato flavored creamer with my coffee I’m taken back to those days from the past. It’s my absolute favorite as it has this delicious soothing taste that makes nostalgia much sweeter. I personally like the powder creamer because it’s simply a family staple, my aunt uses this one aaaall the time! They also have other iconic flavors such as Toll House® Chocolate Chip Cookie and Classic Vanilla flavored creamers.
Si me siguen en instagram, seguro vieron este momento de 1994 con mi papa cuando tenia 4 años. Es una foto especial y tiene mucho valor para mi ya que siempre tuve una relacion muy cercana con mi papa. No podria agradecerle todo lo que ha hecho por mi, hasta los detalles mas chicos como despertarme todas las mañanas para la escuela, poner las canciones que me gustaban y dejarme bailar al costado de sus parlantes, dejarme jugar con su coleccion de albums de musica o darme ese juguete que tanto queria sin que mi mama se diera cuenta! como vivo en Nueva York siempre busco cositas que me hacen sentir como en casa. Justamente el cafe y sabor a caramelo logran eso y el Coffee-Mate de caramel machiato es una de las cosas que mas me hace recordar esos momentos de chica. Resulta que cuando era pequeña mi papa siempre tomaba cafe con crema y me daba a probar en las mañanas. Asi que cada vez que tomo cafe con crema siento que vuelvo a esos dias de chica y mas aun amo el sabor que tiene, es demasiado rico! Tambien tienen otros sabores como Toll House, chips de chocolate y el clasico de vainilla pero este es particularmente mi favorito. Abajo les muestro como es que preparo mis cafes en las mañanas cuando me provoca sentirme en casa 🙂

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Tip: I love taking the Coffee-Mate Caramel Macchiato flavored creamer with ice, coffee and milk during summer.
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Adding the magic ingredient to the mix. After this I blend it well and it’s done! Nothing better than fresh iced coffee with a hint of caramel during a hot summer day.

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