April 17, 2010

the boots ♥


I found these boots on the sort of peruvian “ebay”. The problem with the peruvian “ebay” is that the things sold there SUCK. (want to prove it by yourself ? click here)
You really really have to be on a good mood to get in there, things are tacky and boring. I was checking it out and cursing for its huge difference with the real ebay. Clicked on shoes. Wrote boots. Ugly shoes everywhere. Suddenly I saw something slightly different. They were vaguely shown on an ugly and dark picture but something about them made me fell in love. I was a bit scared that the reality didnt match my expectations, and that the boots would end up to be awful. However I had the guts to buy them without knowing how they looked under the light. Well, when I saw them I almost die. They were better than expected, more grungy than wanted, and horribly beautiful.

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