August 11, 2015

Travel Essentials


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The post was sponsored by Simple Skincare. All writing, photography and opinion is strictly my own.

As you know, I travelled to Peru for a couple of weeks and since I’ve been packing and unpacking and traveling lately I decided it would be interesting to share my travel essentials, basically the things that always come handy anywhere I go.


Flat iron, sunglasses, hair serum, iPod, Simple Skincare Micellar Cleansing Water, Hand cream, OPI oil for nails, Aerin mini traveling perfume, Passport, Notebook, Pen, iPhone, headphones.


First of all is entertainment, I always need my book, iPod, headphones and a pair of sunglasses to cover myself whenever my face is not cooperating. I love me a good book that I can rely on when I need to distract myself. This book was actually recommended by my dad because he’s a bookworm and I really can’t stress enough how good it is. My iPod is so outdated it hurts, but I really don’t care at all, as long as I can listen to my favorite music I am happy a clam. This good old friend has been with me for ages and I’m surprised it still works so well. By the way this song is insane, go give it a listen.


Beauty essentials are a good serum, hand cream, my Simple Skincare cleanser that gives instant hydration, a traveling bottles of perfume and oil for my nails.


This little bottle is my saviour. Not only for traveling but for any occasion. Since I read about the Micellar Cleansing Water, I was impressed as it has received awards from top magazines so I had to give it a try. You just need a cotton pad to apply this to your skin and it seriously is one of those multi-task brilliant cleansers that doesn’t leave any residue. I use it to remove my make up and also to give my face an instant hydration boost. It’s so gentle on my skin that I use it every day, from the morning I wake up to cleanse my sleepy face (which is so soothing because it’s made with triple purified water), to the moment I go to bed to remove my make up. It literally cleanses and removes all the make up instantly, especially my long lasting lipstick that is almost impossible to remove. So when I travel and want to sleep, I just take off all my make up in the seat without the need of water or a sink.

I use it in New York to make my skin smoother, especially with the dry atmosphere over there, and all the back and forth with air conditioners. Well I took it to Peru and we have very humid weather compared to New York so the changes of weather were not the best thing for my skin. This has helped keep my skin naturally healthy-looking over there too. Even more with the fact that I barely drink water so I need that extra boost of H2O. My mom and my sister wanted to keep it so I had to get another one the moment I got back to New York ha.


Then comes hair care. I just need a good serum to keep my tips healthy and alive from the weather changes and a good iron to take care of those naughty sections that always get fuzzy and crazy. My mom gifted me this mini iron and I can’t stress enough how handy it comes. Anywhere I travel it works and I can actually get a completely different hairstyle in any airport bathroom (I’m a hair freak I know). I always alternate between serums and I use it before ironing my hair for heat protection and after to seal the hairstyle. It always comes handy when I get out of the plane and there’s lots of fly hairs.


Notebook because I like to document every single thing. I always write lists of everything, from little things that inspire me in the streets, to a song I heard and I want to remember, to poems I come up with when I’m wandering or overthinking, to quotes people tell me that I never want to forget or just to-do lists I need to remember. So you can imagine I definitely need a notebook for traveling. I literally write every thing I can. Theres something about a paper and a pen that is irreplaceable. Notes on the phone are cool too, but I prefer to use a paper and a pen, I always remember that way.


Hand lotion and oil for the nails are a must. My hands are always dry so I need to take care of them specially during a trip when you’re carrying suitcases from one place to another, packing and unpacking, and then the plane that makes everything worse. They literally end up so damaged I need to have these things to keep them presentable. I also bring my hand sanitizer because you never know. I’m not a Purell freak but it actually saves me from that extra visit to the bathroom when you just want to wash your hands. By the way, I’m always that annoying person that goes to the bathroom every 10 seconds in the plane and the worst part is that I like seating on the window ha. These two perfumes are so different so I like to bring both. The Aerin is the perfect fresh scent for all day and Elizabeth and James is amazing for when I arrive and have to go somewhere else during the evening.


Hope you found this list helpful! I swear these always make a trip much better.


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