January 16, 2018

Trouser Chronicles – Wishlist!

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Tee- Ragged Priest (wore longsleeve underneath)
Pants – ASOS (On sale!)
Boots – Dr Martens
Sunnies  – Kendall and Kylie  – shop more Kendall + Kylie here

Photos by Javier Rivero

Took these a month ago when it was honestly not so cold… but the point of this post is how necessary cool pants can be when it gets to unbearable temperatures. Essentially, they can totally make an outfit even if you’re wearing a black sweater and an oversized duster…  instead of wearing a pair of skinny jeans, you totally switch up the look and turn it to awesome with a good pair of pants.
I’m obsessed with these ASOS pants (which are actually on sale) because the fit is so so cool not to mention the camel shade pops out so nicely. After over wearing these so many time I’m currently in the hunt for more cool pants! Did it ever happen to you that once you get so obsessed with a style of piece you just can’t get enough and want more?  so I thought I’d share all the pants I actually want!! Im particularly into those that are a little bit tapered or even wide leg… but the key is that they have to be high waisted and somehow cropped! The whole fit of the look changes dramatically if the pants are above the ankle, and honestly its all about that. If they’re cropped you will be able to wear them with boots or even socks and platform sneakers / creepers. I put together a little list of my favorite from different stores online. Still trying to make out my mind on which I will totally get, but you will probably see some of these on the blog soon as well!!




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