April 19, 2011



Okay, these are my new favorite shoes. Got an email from VJ style a month ago and they offered me to choose one of their beautiful stuff. It was so hard choosing, but finally decided to go for this perfect wedges. I love that they go with absolutely everything. Check out their website, they have beautiful accessories and handbags, and all are extremely affordable!
Anyways, in the pictures I was wearing a vintage skirt which was maxi before, vintage denim blouse, and a wooden cross pendant I bought in a market here. I ended up wearing the blouse outside the skirt, i liked it better untucked actually. It looks less neat and more casual.  Id love to keep writing more stuff telling you about what ive been lately, but theres a chihuahua barking next door and I dont know if I should kill myself or..

Ah and dont forget to enter the giveaway.

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