March 7, 2017

Talking feelings and resolutions.

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Vintage Levis jeans – similar here

Vintage bomber jacket – similar here and here

Marc Jacobs patent boots

Belt- Lovestrength

Louis Vuitton Backpack

The Vintage Frames Aviator Sunglasses

My style has been evolving a lot recently and I’ve been finding inspiration from different sources, basically those that inspired me when I first started this blog. Essentially everything from the past based in old movies and photography. I’ve been a little bit absent, I’m sure you noticed my lack of outfit posts… well honestly coming back from Peru, along with some other personal experiences that have been playing a big role in my life made me realize I needed a little time for introspection, spend some time with myself, with friends, and find myself creatively. Its been some crazy months to be honest and as much as I tried to explain here promising over and over again I would post more often, I simply couldn’t keep up. This is not an apologetic post… its just something I wanted to write to you, who reads me (if anyone reads a blog nowadays) because it makes me feel better to know you know I also have feelings and experience more than what I show on pictures, on my Instagram, my social media and my videos. I have so many so so many things I have never shared, and it is because I like to have a life besides all this glamorous idea of putting yourself out there (because we all know that you pick what you want to share and in other words nobody knows nothing about anyone, a picture can be so misleading). But I’ve shared a little bit of myself for six years during the life of this blog, and it makes me a little bit sad that I never go beyond that line. So I want to keep it more real with you and tell you that I truly miss writing every single day on this blog and that things are finally coming together

 March is already a better month by so many reasons and being inspired to get dressed every morning is one of them. Fashion plays a big role in my life and i’m finally inspired after months of feeling stuck.  How? I finally started changing some habits, I honestly have cleaned up my closet more than ten times in February (and still have a long way to go) and oh my god how good it feels. I’ve been wearing things I never thought would work together and incorporating more vintage than ever.  My goal is to keep the best stuff, donate the majority and also put up some pieces on my depop (those that I know some of you guys will love!).  Meanwhile, my closet will be able to breathe, and I will finally have a fresh mindset to get dressed and come up with new ideas. I also learned to make better investments. Instead of packing up my wardrobe with a million things, I would rather save and then spend in one that is worth way more. But thats enough for today, I don’t want to make this post any longer before I bore you with all this rambling. I hope you guys are having a lovely day and enjoyed this outfit. Good things are coming 🙂  and I can’t wait to share with you. I love you all.

Mi estilo ha estado evolucionando mucho recientemente y he estado encontrando inspiración de diferentes fuentes, básicamente las que me inspiraron cuando empecé este blog… eras pasadas y peliculas antiguas mayormente. He estado un poco ausente y lo se … honestamente volviendo de Perú, junto con algunas otras experiencias personales en mi vida hicieron que me de cuenta de que necesitaba un poco de tiempo de introspección, pasar tiempo conmigo misma, con amigos, y me encontrarme creativamente. Han sido unos meses locos y aunque se que estuve prometiendo una y otra vez que postearía más seguido simplemente no podía mantener el ritmo. Esto no es un post de disculpas … es solo algo que quería compartir con quienes realmente me leen (si alguien lee blogs hoy en día). Porque es necesario mostrarles que tambien tengo sentimientos, soy real y tengo una vida y que las imágenes no lo dicen todo. Tengo tantas tantas cosas que nunca he compartido, y es porque siempre me he mantenido al margen y mi vida personal para mi…Pero de vez en cuando es necesario ir mas alla… luego haber compartido un poco de mi durante seis años ya es hora de conversar un poco mas. Así que quiero mantener las cosas más reales con ustedes. Como por ejemplo decirles que realmente extraño escribir todos los días en este blog.
Me pone feliz que al fin las cosas están bien. Es un buen mes luego de haber tenido tiempo para mi. He crecido internamente y finalmente estoy inspirada para vestirme cada mañana. Los ultimos cuatro meses han sido cero inspiracion para ser sincera. Una de las razones es que finalmente comencé a cambiar algunos hábitos… les juro que he limpiado mi armario más de diez veces en febrero (y todavía falta) y que bien que se siente. He estado usando cosas que nunca pensé que combinaria e incorporando más vintage que nunca. Mi objetivo es mantener lo que mas amo, donar mucho y también poner algunas prendas en mi depop (las que sé que ustedes pueden apreciar). Finalmente tendré una mentalidad mas fresca para vestirme y pensar en nuevas ideas. También aprendí a hacer mejores inversiones. En lugar de llenar mi armario con un millón de cosas, prefiero ahorrar y comprar una que vale la pena mucho más. Pero eso es suficiente por hoy, no quiero hacer este post más tiempo antes de que yo te aburre con todo este desorden de ideas. Espero que ustedes estén teniendo un día lindo y les guste este look. Se vienen cosas buenas 🙂 y no puedo esperar para compartir con ustedes.


  • so cool, babe!

    Shall We Sasa

  • Today I love especially your glasses and your shirt!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  • karenalarcon says:

    Amo tu estilo desde todos los años que te he seguido, Tu manera de inspirarnos a nosotros tus seguidores nos es de mucha ayuda, y sin duda nos encantaría conocer mas de ti. No dejes de escribir te extrañamos!

  • Annalisa says:

    This post nearly made me cry. Think that I’ve just rewatch (for the 1038374737 time) your ‘October favourites’ video. My heart melts every time I see the last part, when you laugh with your best friend. I hope you’ll enjoy every single moment of your life. Kisses

  • OMG! I love this post <3 I am just 13 years old and you…I don't know…made me who I am. I love your style and your are my fashion idol <3 .


  • Agustina says:

    Te felicito lua! me pone un poco triste leerte y que digas que estabas inspiracion cero. Siempre que no se que usar pongo tu nombre en google y armo algo. Soy artista plastico asi que comprendo en parte tu sentir actualmente estoy estudiando tanto para la universidad que lo ultimo que hago es dibujar o pensar en outfits que es lo que mas amo. En fin te quiero mucho y adelante.! 😀

  • Anonymous says:

    Where can you get the long sleeve mesh top?

  • So why did you promise to do posts every day, if you know you can’t do it?

    • Anonymous says:

      Wtf is your problem? Everyone else has a life and consistency isn’t everything. She is handling it as well as she can, she’s also human and also has to live and handle issues with herself. Not everything is super happy and she’s a person with feelings like everyone else. She’s taken a break to evaluate everything in herself and life. Relax

  • Diana Free says:

    Thanks for sharing your feelings. I adore your outfit. I love all the browns and your vintage pieces. I agree quality over quantity is so rewarding.

  • Super beautiful! And quality over quantity I definitely agree with

    The Quirky Queer

  • och i totally feel you. february left me thinking like i dont belong. i was rejecting doing anything, just playing games & thinking about myself, looking for ways to finally fight the way i feel. its great to hear more from you. i wish youd post more personal posts 🙂 //

  • Absolutely love it!

    Mireia from TGL

  • I’ve been working on closet cleaning as well. I’m in love with your vintage prada sweater!

  • Everything you wear becomes so cool ^.^

  • lovely post Lua, not only the outfit is great but your words are amazing and so honest and heartfelt, I do still read the words of bloggers and am glad youre still keeping it real and youre speaking your feelings, I find honest bloggers like that to be the best <3

  • I think that still are people that enjoy reading your blog! I do for the past 4 years and this particular post feels more real. Good for you to clean your closet,it would be a great idea (at least I liked it) if you do a video with tips what to keep,what to donate etch. Love from Greece 🙂

  • It feels good to take a little break sometimes, just to come back stronger! I love those relaxed pants dear!

  • Me encantó el look! Te leo desde hace años y sos una gran inspiración para mi. Saludos desde Argentina

  • I hope you are doing better! Take the time you need, we will be waiting for you whenever the time is right for you.
    I really like this outfit the backpack is my favorite!
    Records of my Troubles

  • Oh my Gosh, I found your blog, and I reeeaaally love your style.. I have to say it is not really my style, but I admire people who have their own style and are not afraid to show it in every way.. Looking fab and it suits you a lot 🙂

  • Love the grungy, laid back feel of this outfit! I feel you about the lack of inspiration/motivation to be consistent with blogging; I’ve been experiencing similar but slowly breaking back out of my shell. x

    La Sugarlace

  • Sharlotte says:

    Chula, looking inward is good for the creative soul – you’ve been doing this for 7 years in a very consistent manner, a mental break is totally okay. And you still have your fans who read your blog 😉 I remember when you would post inspiration images from fashion week runway shows and lyrics and the like. I like your approach to cleaning our your closet – something I should try. Your committed fans are here for you! Keep the good vibes up xoxo

  • Marlene says:

    Lua I’ve been following your blog for about 5 years now. I read all of your blog posts and I check all of your posts on instagram and snapchat and even though I don’t know you personally you feel like a close friend of mine. Ive loved seeing your style evolve and change and I love seeing you take risks that end up looking so great! I can’t wait to see how you continue to change and grow.

  • Great post – that outfit is killer!


  • I always read blog texts and I really like when bloggers tell something personal. (Sorry my English, I read English better than I write.)

  • Cool outfit and welcome back! Personally I prefer reading blogs to just instagram/social media, they’re more interesting and personal. So share away 🙂

  • Christiane says:

    One of the many reasons that I come here is to READ your posts, so please keep writing!

  • Loved reading this! Definitely noticed your absence, and missed your posts. Your last few outfit posts have been fantastic! Love seeing more vintage and more creativity here as those are some of the biggest aspects that attracted me to your blog in the first place. So glad to hear that you’re feeling invigorated and inspired; I’m looking forward to seeing whats next! <3

  • You are a typical girl in her 20’s who probably feels lost and unsure of life but I am 40 this year and can tell you that by 30 life will be more clear! Everyone goes through the tough years of your 20’s and I promise you life only gets better with age! You inspire me with your look every time you post bc it’s what I wore in high school and I do it now with a more mature twist! Keep doing you!!

  • amiga hermosa

  • Vanessa says:

    You’re a really nice person, Lua! ❤❤❤ love u

  • Gorgeous ! I love your heels !

    La Robe Noire
    IG : @Saskiabzn
    Saskia! xo

  • Leo cada uno de los posts que publicas. Amo todos tu estilo, tus looks, tu aura y lo versátil que eres vistiendo. GRACIAS Lua

  • You’re so sweet Lua! I love this outfit and appreciate you opening up more ❤

  • Your transparency and honesty is so beautiful here Lua. <3

  • Antonia says:

    I really loved the fact that you shared some of your thoughts and feelings. You inspire me so much. No only when it comes to fashion. Can’t wait for your posts. Hope you have a lovely day. Lots of love

  • I love your style and every outfit you post, it’s so nice to see you blogging and sharing some personal experiences! <3

  • Martina says:

    Bueno Luanna, espero que me leas, y supongo, que como persona normal que soy no espero tu respuesta (obviamente si quieres darmela aquí estoy). Espero que sepas que la gente que vemos tu blog y seguimos tu instagram nos cuesta apreciar ciertas cosas, porque, al fin y al cabo en persona no te conocemos. Así que gracias por expresarte y digamos “revivir tu personalidad”, espero que sigas escribiendo y dándonos consejos. Eres una inspiración muy grande.
    Un beso desde España e Italia

  • I loved reading this post babe! I always wonder if people still read blogs nowadays too, haha. 🙂
    It sounds like you’re feeling more positive. It is difficult having a blog and feeling like you aren’t posting enough! And it’s always a challenge finding better ways to be intimate with readers. Enjoy your friends, coffee, music, and continue writing 🙂 Keep up the inspiring work. I Can Wait To See What Comes next! <33

    Xoxo, Kendall

  • Aitanar says:

    Love your post and your Style . Your are so inspirational to me

  • Oh ya and this outfit is amazing. I love your hair! So cute. :3 and you’re always giving grunge beauty.

    This is a great emo post. Lol. 🙂

  • Always love your looks! This post though is amazing! Thank you for being so personal, it is inspiring. Keep it up girl!

  • Doriane says:

    Hello Lua. First of all I want you to know that even though we don’t know each other, we never met, I love you. You’re the only blogger that I really follow, that I am happy to see new posts and that doesn’t bore me, because yes I have to say that I am never satisfied with blogs!!! But I have been checking your webside for months now, at least for a couple of years. I’m so excited when you post a new outfit and even more when it’s a video. Yeah, you inspire me a lot. Through clothes, make-up and hairstyles of course! But, as I already said it in another post, you make me wanna get dressed, create my own style and mix up things. I recently choose to go back to my passions: art, creation and fashion. I’m only 17 but you motivate me to do big things, to have projects, I’m so happy for you that you built up your own shop!!! And the fact that you follow the whole production, choose the cottons, the quality… I mean, I have a personal project that respects the same things. People and nature. And I’m happy too that you share a little bit of your life, but even more happy that you keep the best part of if for yourself, friends and family! Thanks for what you share with us. Stay true to yourself, much love xoxoxoxo -Doriane, south of France.

  • Leyendo desde Costa Rica, sigue así

  • I don’t follow a lot of blogs, especially the ones which are built around style/fashion since I find it quite dull, to be honest. I’m very lazy and simple-minded when it comes to dressing up – I just don’t have the interest to dedicate so much time on my looks. However, there is something different about your blog which has to do something with your uniqueness. I can still appreciate your efforts when it comes to your looks but it’s not my way of being, you know. Following your blog is kind of giving myself some variation and a gust of fresh air in my own “monochrome” life, lol.

    I’ve said this before but I would indeed like to know a bit more about you. Maybe you could do a post of how you came to the point you are at? Like what brought you from Peru to NYC and how it changed your life. To me NYC seems like a very distant place – a place where one can do all kinds of things but also feel very lonely and left out. A place you can have the best time of your life, especially if you can afford to do things instead of staying at your sketchy apartment and having to fear your neighborhood. I feel blessed living in a country with a good standard of living. So reading your blog, watching you from the outside and knowing where you’re living almost takes me to some utopistic dimension. Your life musn’t be all glorious, even if it seems like so. Your blog gives me an escape from my everyday life.

    In your newest post, you say “I never thought my job would allow me to experience such incredible things”. So what is your job actually? Why it brings you all around the world? Do you do different kinds of collaborations with different brands? Are you still studying – that’s what brought you to NYC, right? Maybe you could share a story of your life in a nutshell with us, without many personal details? Just give us an all-around explanation, maybe. Btw, I’d love to travel to Peru and many other places. I wish I could incorporate that in my life.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings, especially since you seldom do it the way you just did.

    Best wishes.

  • Thanks for sharing your recent thoughts and feelings, Lua! I think we’ve all been a little uninspired lately since winter is winding down (I know I have). Sometimes a break from what you love is just what you need x

  • I loved reading this – I feel like as a person who follows style/fashion blogs, I rarely read or hear about their feelings and thoughts, other than their feelings and thoughts on the latest Proenza Schouler bag or something like that. So thank you, for that. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling more inspired and I hope it continues in the future. 🙂

  • Hola Lua, no se si llegues a leer esto algún dia pero bueno igual te escribo. Te he seguido desde 2014 y nunca habia dejado ningún comentario en tus posts, y juro que leo todos no se me pierde ni uno! Con este me di cuenta de que ya es hora porque siento que te estas abriendo más con nosotros (quienes realmente leen aqui) y obviamente siempre es bueno mantener el margen y su vida privada pero personas como yo y seguro algunos más siempre quisimos saber más de tu vida, como sos, mostrarte más en la parte sentimental y más alla entendes? y es genial porque realmente cuando seguis a una persona durante años ya es como si la conocieras pero yo sentía que no era tan asi por el hecho de que nunca te habias expresado como lo haces ahora y nos cuentas estas pequeñas cosas y es wow, siento que a partir de ahora tus fans con vos podemos estar más conectados por asi decirlo. De todas formas, amo tus posts y perdón por nunca haber dejado un comentario pero nunca sabia que decir creo jaja. Saludos desde Argentina, te quiero Lua

  • p.d amo tus outfits por siempre

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