November 17, 2016

What You Give Is What You Get

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Blouse – Vintage /similar here
Skirt – Vintage / similar here and here
Socks – Calzedonia
Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell / similar here
Bag – similar here

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What a whole vintage look! I think this is genuinely my favorite outfit involving so much vintage ever. Both the skirt and ruffled blouse are second hand, and I found them on a hidden thrift shop in the city. I swear those are the best places to shop. When you are walking around all day and can’t even deal with your feet anymore and suddenly a tiny second hand shop pops up. I can never say no to those, no matter how tired I am. So I went in, looked through it and didn’t find anything at first. When I was almost leaving I found some tiny stairs to a dark little basement. Man, basements are always the best part of thrift stores!!! Down there I found these two pieces and they were totally bargains. Got them both but didn’t plan to wear them together because both are such classic 90s pieces I thought it would be too much. The day after I tried everything I got on and realize it is never too much. The blouse was actually closed and I wore it open and tucked it in for a cute school inspired look.  I’m obsessed 🙂


Que look para mas vintage jaja. Creo que es uno de mis outfits favoritos en los que la mayoria de prendas son de segunda mano en la historia del blog. La falda y la blusa blanca las encontre escondidas en un thrift shop en Manhattan. Les juro que esas tienditas escondidas son los mejores lugares para encontrar tesoros. Cuando estas caminando todo el dia y los pies no pueden mas y de la nada encuentras un pequeño hueco enano jamas puedes decir no. Siempre entro, por mas que este super muerta. La verdad es que en cuanto entre no encontre nada pero cuando me estaba yendo me di con unas escaleras a un sotano. Los sotanos siempre tienen lo mejor! Alli abajo me estaban esperando esta falda y blusa y me las lleve inmediatamente. Aunque no pense usarlas juntas, al dia siguiente que me estaba probando todo termine creando este outfit demasiado noventero. Cuentemne que les parece! me encanta leer su opinion 🙂

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