March 9, 2015

When at home.

_MG_7176-2_MG_7168 The entrance of my apartment. This Fairmont console table from Lulu & Georgia is where I basically leave all my rings, keys, sunglasses when I get back (my boyfriend wants to kill me sometimes though). Also, I love little black accents and candles.  I got the retro camera accent for my boyfriend and the candles are from Wicked. I swear they smell so good.
The apartment is getting there little by little.  To the right you can see a bit of my boyfriends vinyl collection. _MG_7179
Always making sure Im not leaving anything behind._MG_7281
This plant is just so pretty. I’ve been collecting plants lately and I love taking care of them 🙂 I also love horror or books about fairies and dragons, these are from random shops in New York. _MG_7227l
Wearing my favorite vintage messenger bag and denim jacket as per usual.
_MG_7235 _MG_7265
The bear mirror is such a cute accent. Where I always check myself last minute before leaving. _MG_7340
Getting cozy in my good old couch. That little cat frame behind me was a gift I gave my boyfriend for his birthday the year we got together 🙂 It was my first gift to him and he loved it because cats are his favorite pet, he used to have 11 cats back in Peru! And I will never get enough the fluffiness of this Flokati rug._MG_7335
I live for this birch end table, it has a gorgeous rustic look. Love how it matches this indian pillow I got off ebay. I used to have a lot of embroidered pieces in my old bedroom so I plan to collect them again. They’re quite magical.
_MG_7339 _MG_7383
Laying in this Belladonna rug with the prettiest print I’ve seen and reading one of my favorite books “I wrote this for you”. Its a short poem book but each little phrase has so much meaning._MG_7367
This white shelf is filled with tiny little things my boyfriend and I have been collecting. Each little piece means something. The red dog was found outside our old apartment and we had to adopt it. Some are frames with family photos. The print with roses and the whale one above are gifts from best friends. _MG_7385 copyw
The pillows behind me were a gift from my mom from Peru. They’re from alpaca wool and so cozy.
_MG_7421 _MG_7410
And coffee, of course.

Its been snowing so much so I decided to shoot some photos with Christina in my apartment showing you other areas you haven’t seen 🙂  Since you guys loved some of the things from Lulu and Georgia they offered me this discount code to share with you! You now can use the code lehappy20, to get 20% off all their entire store.  And to be honest, I will keep using it myself. I love them because they have so many cool eclectic pieces that I’ve been looking for everywhere. I generally shop at vintage stores for furniture, but they are so popular now that they are not affordable anymore, everyone loves vintage stores!  Hope you guys enjoy this post. I love showing you some more about my life.


Ha estado nevando tanto ultimamente que decidi tomar mas fotos con Christina en mi depa para mostrarles otras areas 🙂 Como recibi muchos comentarios sobre las cosas de Lulu and Georgia en este post, me ofrecieron un codigo de descuento para compartir con ustedes. Pueden usar el codigo lehappy90 para tener 20% de descuento. Para ser sincera creo que lo seguire usando yo ya que ando obsesionada con las cosas que tienen… Me encanta la onda eclectica. La verdad es que me gusta comprar cosas de interior en tiendas vintage pero ultimamente cada vez que he ido a una me he sorprendido por que los precios se han disparado.  Se ha puesto tan de moda que muchas tiendas tienen mismos precios que tiendas nuevas. En fin, lo que ven en este post es la entrada de mi depa, donde basicamente dejo mis llaves, anillos (mi chico me odia por que siempre hay un millon) y ese espejo bello de oso me salva siempre antes de salir. La repisa blanca de cuadrados tiene cosas que mi chico y yo hemos ido llenando de a pocos. Cada cosita que ven ahi tiene un significado especial. El perro rojo lo encontramos en nuestro viejo depa y decidimos adoptarlo. Tambien hay unos marcos con fotos de mi familia y otros han sido regalos de mejores amigas mias. Los cojines peludos fueron regalos de mi madre de Peru, son de lana de alpaca y los mas ricos en el mundo. En fin espero que les haya gustado este post! Me alegra poder mostrarles un poco mas de mi vida.

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