• All these look so cool and easy to do!

    Mireia from TGL

  • I am using Aveda a lot too. They are natural products, smelling super nice!!!


  • Hi! I gotta admit I’ve been doing your half ponytail for a few months now. I always loved these. Though I can’t do such big buns like yours ugh, I dont have enough hair!!!! Just keep going with your videos, you’re the only blogger I follow and I have to say you influence my own style a lot. Thanks to you, I really love searching how to dress every morning! Today, some friends of mine told me I was dressed as if I was going to Coachella haha. I love hairstyles and beauty videos, especially make-up ones ad GRWM!!! Have a nice day, afternoon or night, a lot of kisses from the south of France!!! xoxo

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