December 9, 2016

Frontrow X Instantfunk MA-1

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MA-1 Reversible Bomber – WConcept

Jeans – Objects without Meaning / very similar here

Flannel – similar here and here

Boots- TUK

Casual outfits are back on the blog and this time I have such an amazing piece to share with you. We all know a leather bomber, and an army green bomber are both fall/winter essentials but sometimes I even struggle to decide which one to wear with my outfits. So when I knew about this reversible MA-1 bomber from Wconcept the whole game change for me. It is basically both in one so it is a great investment to get the best of both styles in one single piece! Not to mention its keeps you so warm because it also comes with an inner down layer that can be removed (not worn here because it wasn’t too cold).

Anyways, I paired it with my typical pieces: flannel, a pair of light washed jeans and chunky boots. One of those looks to run some errands or a casual day during the weekend.


  • I love it and have considered getting it because it really is like 3 jackets in one BUT I have no clue what size because it seems to be men sizing. What size did ypu get?

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